Lumbar Canal Stenosis

Lumbar canal stenosis is the narrowing of the spinal canal or the tunnels through which nerves and other structures communicate with that canal. These nerves transmit sensations from the buttocks and lower extremities through the spinal cord to the brain and transmit motor signals from the brain to the lower extremities to produce movement of the legs, toes, and joints of the lower extremities.

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Lumbar canal stenosis is mainly caused by degenerative arthritis.
Cervical spinal stenosis compress the spinal cord and may cause major weakness or paralysis. Lumbar spinal stenosis causes sciatica, which is numbness or a tingling sensation that moves from your lower back through the buttocks and down your legs.
The nerves become increasingly irritated as the diameter of the canal becomes narrower.
Causes of Lumbar canal stenosis

• Lumbar canal stenosis can be congenital and acquired
• Degenerative arthritis / degenerative disc disease.
• Lumbar spinal stenosis can also be caused by conditions that decrease the space of the spinal canal or vertebral foramen due to tumor any infection.
• Surgical infusion

Lumbar canal stenosis Signs and Symptoms

• Low back pain , leg pain
• Tingling in legs
• Fatigue in legs
• Weakness , numbness in legs , leg cramps
• Standing and bending backward can make the symptoms worse.
• Symptoms may begin in the lower legs and progress upwards toward the buttocks or they may begin in the buttocks and progress downward.
• Spinal nerve compression in the neck can lead to pain in the neck, shoulders, arms and hands.
• Loss of bladder and bowel control

Investigations for Lumbar canal stenosis

• Complete medical history and physical examination
• Examining legs for range of motion, strength, sensation, reflexes, and pulses.
• Examining hips and knees
• Plain X-rays of the back.
• MRI / CT scan
• EMG ( electromyogram ) /Nerve conduction study

Treatment for Lumbar canal stenosis

• Physical therapists can work with you to develop an appropriate exercise program.
• Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines (NSAIDs) or pain-relieving medicines might be prescribed to decrease pain and increase your activity level.
• Injection of a cortisone-like medicine into the lower back might help reduce swelling and inflammation of the nerve roots.
• Exercise
• Weight loss
• Surgery

Complications of Lumbar canal stenosis

• There may disability and loss of productivity.
• Intractable axial, radicular or NC pain.
• Weakness and numbness of lower extremity.
• Cauda equina syndrome.
After surgery complications may include are as follows
• Leakage of cerebrospinal fluid.
• Epidural hematoma
• Embolism of pulmonary artery
• Progressive spinal deformity
• Sustained radicular and axial pain.

Prognosis of Lumbar canal stenosis

Prognosis of spinal stenosis is not very good if left untreated at early time. Severe disability and death may result in extreme cases.

Homeopathic treatment for Lumbar canal stenosis

• Knees stiff and painful
• Hot swelling of feet
• Joints red, hot , swollen pains worse on least motion
• Constant motion of left arm and leg
• Aching in every muscle

Kali carbonicum
• Back and legs give out
• Heaviness in limbs
• Limbs go to sleep easily ,pain from hip to knee
• Soles very sensitive
• Lumbago with sudden sharp pains extending up and down .

• Rheumatic pains in limbs with burning
• Restless legs at night
• Stiffness in knees
• Unsteady walking and easy falling
• Contracted tendons,weak ankles

Rhus toxicodendron
• Hot, painful, swelling of joints
• Tearing in thighs
• Limbs stiff and paralyzed
• Tenderness around knee joint

Lumbar Canal Stenosis

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