When the scar tissue grows excessively it is referred as keloid. They are irregular in shape and grow progressively. They appear in the form of a nodule, pink or purple in color and itchy.


These scar tissues appears most commonly on chest, back, shoulders and earlobes. They develop on the face in rare cases.

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It may start after the injury and extend beyond the wound site.

They do not subside over time as scars do. Sometimes a scar becomes hypertrophic, i.e. it becomes red, thick and remains confined to the margins of wound. Hypertrophic scar subsides on its own.

Factors that can trigger the formation of keloids are: surgery, injury, burns, piercing and sometimes acne.

Keloid must be differentiated from hypertrophic scar.

Hypertrophic scar develops afteran injury on the site of wound. Sometimes the scar is hypertrophic, or thickened, but it remains confined to the margins of the wound. A hypertrophic scar appears red and subsides itself.

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Average age of onset is 10-30 years. Women have higher incidences.

What Are The Causes Of Keloid?

Changes in the cellular signals that control growth and proliferation may be related to the process of keloid formation, but these changes have not yet been characterized scientifically.

Keloids are equally common in women and men.Keloids are less common in children and the elderly person.Although people with darker skin are more likely to develop them, keloids can occur in people of all skin types. In some cases, the tendency to form keloids seems to run in families.

Keloids develop most often on the chest, back, shoulders, and earlobes. They rarely develop on the face (with the exception of the jaw line).

Signs And Symptoms

• Lesions are elevated; dome shaped.
• Keloids appear shiny
• Color of keloid varies from pink to red.
• Itching
• Tender to touch.

Differential diagnosis

• Hypertrophic scar.

Investigations For Keloid

• Diagnosis is made by physical examination. The scar overgrows and extends beyond the border of the wound.
• Skin biopsy may be used to distinguish between keloid and hypertrophic scar.

Treatment For Keloid

• Cortisone injections.
• Surgery.
• Laser.
• Cryotherapy.
• Radiation.


It causes a cosmetic problem. The removal
is not a permanent solution as after surgery there is formation of much larger keloid scar.

Complications Of Keloid

• Return of the keloid after removal in bigger size.
• Tenderness.
• Disfiguring scar causes psychological stress.
• Tenderness of keloid.

Homeopathic treatment for Keloid

Acid Flour:
• It gives relief from symptoms of keloids.
• The scars are surrounded by pimples with red edges.
• Keloids are painful and prone to suppuration.

• It is useful when old scar becomes painful again.
• Sluggish constitution.
• Skin is unhealthy, every injury suppurates.
• Small wounds heal with difficulty.

• Tendency to skin affections
• Eradication tendency to erysipelas
• Anaemia with red face
• Early stage of keloid / fibroma , acne
• Eruptions oozing out sticky fluid

• Polypi , tubercles , warts
• Freckles and blotches
• Dry skin with brown spots
• Tearing pain in glands

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