Jetlag (Desynchronosis)

Jetlag occurs when there is a mismatch between the time of a person’s internal clock and the events affecting that person as a result of rapid travel between different time zones. There is a feeling of tiredness, fatigue, insomnia and confusion after a long aircraft journey.

jet lag


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People Of All Ages Affected?

People of all ages can get jetlag but most likely old age people are more likely to encounter jetlag as compared to young ones.

Causes Of Jetlag

• Disruption to circadian rhythms (physical, mental and behavioral changes that follow a   roughly 24-hour cycle).

• Traveling to east or west.

• The influence of sunlight.

• Airline cabin pressure and atmosphere.

• Number of time zone crossed.

• Frequent flyer.

• An old adult.

Jetlag Signs And Symptoms

• Fatigue.

• Interrupted sleep/sleepiness.

• Confusion and fuzziness.

• Dehydration.

• Uncomfortable legs and feet.

• Digestion upsets.

• Impaired judgement and decision making.

• Memory lapses.

• Anxiety.

• Irritability.

• Apathy.

• Diarrhea or constipation.

• Upset stomach.

• Stuffy nose.

• Aching muscles.

• Swollen ankles.

• Headache.

• Nausea/vomiting.

• General feeling of not being well.

• Menstrual symptoms in women.

Any Investigations For Jetlag

• Complete case history.

• Physical examination.

What Type Of Treatment Can Help For Jetlag

• Sleep inhibitors.

• Analgesics

• Anti-inflammatory.

• Establish new routine.

• Avoid napping as soon as you arrive.

• Spend time outdoor.

• Aromatherapy.

• Light therapy

Prognosis of Jetlag

Prognosis is good once the patient adjusts internal clock/ circadian rhythms.

Complications of Jetlag

• Fatigue.

• Stroke/heart attack due to over exertion.

• Sleep disorders.

Homeopathic Treatment For Jetlag

Arnica Montana:

• Fatigue and foggy thinking.

• Jetlag linked to trauma to body.

• Physical and emotional shock and injury.

• Weakness, sore and bruised feeling.

• Sleeplessness and restlessness over-tired.

Bellis perennis:

• Muscular soreness.

• Extreme fatigue.

• Walking mid-sleep.

• Sleep interruptions.


• Drowsiness with moaning.

• Weeping and wailing during sleep.

• Emotional and mental stress.

• Sleeplessness.

• Impatience.

• Intolerance and disorientation.

Cocculus indicus:

• Excessive fatigue yet feels too tires to sleep

• Weakness, nausea, dizziness and fainting.

• Worse in the fresh air, from eating and drinking.

• Must lie down to prevent vomiting.

Gelsemium sempervirens:

• Cannot get enough sleep.

• Delirious on falling asleep.

• Insomnia from exhaustion.

• Uncontrollable thinking with yawning.

• Sleepless from nervous irritation.

• Excessive trembling and weakness of all limbs.


• Irritability in chest and stomach.

• Nausea/ vomiting.

• Alleviated dehydration.

Lycopodium clavatum:

• Excess of anxiety.

• Drowsy during day.

• Anticipatory fears.

• Apprehension.

• Over-sensitivity.

• Inability to adapt to new surroundings.

How To Manage Jetlag ?

• Yoga helps is relaxing mind.

• Exercise regularly keeps you physically active.

• Take proper rest.

• Take hot shower before bed.

• Read books.

• Keep away from high noise level.

• Drink plenty of water.

• Plan according to new time zone and schedule your habits accordingly.

• Eat small light meals frequently including fruits and vegetables.

• Avoid heavy meals before bed.

• Before travelling use diet plan which is like feasting and fasting alternate them with       high and low protein diet

• Ensure enough sleep before leaving.

• Limit intake of alcohol during flights.

• Trying to nap whenever you feel sleepy.

• Wear loose, comfortable clothing.

• Walk around the airplane cabin whenever possible.

• Expose yourself to daylight if possible.

• Limit caffeine intake.

• Wear earplugs.

• Wear eye mask.

• Maximize comfort with a pillow supporting neck and head.

• If travelling to west try to sleep late.

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