Isaac’s Syndrome / Isaac-Mertens Syndrome / Neuromyotonia

Isaacs syndrome is a rare neuromuscular (neuromyotonia) disorder where nerves fiber and muscles both are involved. It is caused by rapid bursts of nerve impulses, resulting in muscle twitching, cramping, increase sweating and delayed muscle relaxation. In very few cases speech and breathing may be affected if pharyngeal or laryngeal muscles are involved. Isaac’s syndrome may be hereditary or acquired, but most of the times it is autoimmune condition.

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Who Are Affected?

Onset is between ages 15 and 60 with most individuals experiencing symptoms before age 40.There are hereditary and acquired forms of the disorder.

Causes of Isaacs Syndrome

•Autoimmune disorder.

•Exposure to toxins like gold or mercury.

•Certain tumors, such as of the lungs, thymus glands and lymphoma’s.

•Genetic predisposition

Isaacs Syndrome Signs And Symptoms

•Continuous or intermittent twitching

•Progressive stiffness

•Persistent undulating movement in the skin that lies above the affected muscles

•Muscular cramps and spasms

•Slow and sluggish movements

•Increased sweating

•Slurred speech

•Difficulty chewing and swallowing

Investigations For Isaac’s Syndrome

•Complete case history

•Physical examination

•CT scan


Treatment For Isaac’s Syndrome

•Prophylactic treatment (immunosuppressive medications, anticonvulsants)

•Surgery for tumor.

Prognosis Of Isaac’s Syndrome

Prognosis depends on prophylactic treatment.

Management Of Isaac’s Syndrome

•Yoga and meditation helps a lot to relax

•Regular but slow exercise.

•Proper diet.

•Hold/support while walking.

Homeopathic Treatment For Isaacs Syndrome

Arnica Montana

•Trauma of the muscles

•Cramps of the muscles resulting from exercise or from over exertion.

•Muscles feel fatigue.

•Worse with heat, light pressure and prolonged movements.

Bryonia Alba

•Slightest movement makes patient’s pain worse.

•Stay still in one position

•Irritable, does not wants to be touched.

•Pressure on affected points often helps.

•Muscles hard, headache.

•Worse from warmth

•Better by cold applications.


•Weakness and stiffness in the muscles.

•Muscles in the legs feel contracted, tight and sore, with restlessness at night.

•Forearms weak and stuff.

•Worse from cold or overuse.

•Better in rainy weather, warm bed and warm shower.


•Muscles pains, limbs feel heavy, dull and lethargic.

•Headache in the back of the head and neck with dizziness.

•Low grade fever with much aching.

•Worse in damp, cold or warm, wet weather, or after over exertion.

Hypericum perforatum

•Nerves pains.

•Numbness and tingling in the extremities, pains radiate from one area to another.

•Best indicated when unbearable prickly pains that radiates along nerves pathway, is worse with movement and worse touched.

•Depression in associated symptoms of muscle pain.

Rhus toxicodendron

•Stiffness better by movement

•Pain in joints and ligament strains.

•Restlessness person.

•Stiffness on waking cause by immobility.

•Worse after sleeping or resting and in cold damp weather.

•Better with prolonged gentle movements and warmth.

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