Influenza is commonly known as flu. It is an acute respiratory infectious disease that is spread by a virus. The influenza virus infects respiratory tract of many animals, birds and humans. The infection results in cough, fever, headache and malaise, some may presents with symptoms like nausea, vomiting, sore throat and diarrhea. Viruses are pathogens that are barely visible or invisible under the ordinary microscope.


Mode of spread: It is a droplet infection.

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It Is Caused By
Influenza is caused by influenza virus that is divided into three types: A, B and C.
Type A and B causes epidemics of respiratory illness in almost every winter.
Type C causes mild respiratory symptoms or no symptoms. Influenza virus spreads easily from person to person. Incubation period of virus is 1-4 days. Adult remain infectious for about 6 days and children for 10 days.
Influenza Signs and Symptoms
• Symptoms similar to those of common cold or an acute bronchitis.
• Aching in limbs and back.
• Sudden fever with chill.
• Headache, lethargy.
• Nausea, vomiting and abdominal pains may present in some patients
• Tongue is furred. Appetite is lost.
• Great prostration.

Signs indicating emergency:
In children:
• Breathing becomes fast.
• Skin color turns blue.
• Lie in semi unconscious state.
• Intense irritability.
• Fever with a rash
In adults:
• Difficulty in breathing
• Pain or pressure felt in the chest or abdomen
• Sudden dizziness
• Confused state.
• Severe or vomiting.

Differential diagnosis of Influenza

• Common cold and fever

Treatment For Influenza

Allopathic system has no specific treatment of influenza. Simple influenza is self-limiting and recovery is usually evident in 4-5 days.

Dietary Changes May Help

• Bed Rest. It should continue even after recovery.
• Protection from a draught of air is necessary to prevent pneumonia. The room must be well ventilated.
• Patient should be isolated.
• Diet should include hot milk, fruit juice, nourishing soup.
• Regular bathing should be avoided to protest against chill.
• Excretions should be incinerated to avoid droplet infection.

Prognosis of Influenza

• Patient recovers in 1-2 weeks.
• Prognosis is bed in chronically ill, old and weak patients.
• Flu can worsen chronic health conditions.

Complications Of Influenza

• Pneumonia
• Pleurisy
• Otitis media
• Meningitis Influenza

Homeopathic Treatment For Influenza

• Restless worry and fear for their health
• Thirsty and takes frequent, small sips.
• Burning pains, head may feel warm; rest of the body may feels cold.
• Craving for ice-water but may vomit it as soon as it is taken.
• They may shudder with the cold, but experience burning heat at 3 a.m.
• Their sweat may be cold and clammy.

• Patient lies in the drunken state with rapid onset, utter tiredness and dark red, mottled face.
• They may toss and turn and even feel that there are two persons or have two limbs on each side.
•There will be great muscle soreness and all secretions will be putrid.

Eupatorium Perfoliatum:
• Moaning with pain
• They may be restless and feel the bed is uncomfortable.
• Throbbing pain in the head and sore eyeballs.
• Even smelling food will make them nausea.
• They may feel a chill running up from the back.

Rhus tox:
• This flu may come after exposure to wet, damp weather.
• They feel aching in all the limbs that is worse when they first start to move and better when they get moving.
• They may feel vertigo that is worse when they first get up. • Chill may be worse in the evenings, or alternate with heat. Fresh, cold air will make their condition worse.
• Swelling of glands that hurt on swallowing.

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