Good Pasture Syndrome

Goodpasture syndrome is defined as an autoimmune disease in which the immune system of the body is mistakenly harmed or destroys the healthy cells of the specific organs of the body especially the cells of kidney and lungs.

goodpasture syndrome

In goodpasture syndrome, the attacking part of the cell is the specific protein that is collagen which is present in the cells of tiny air sacs in the lungs and filtering units that is glomeruli of the kidney.

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The immune system starts producing antibodies against the cells of lungs and kidneys. Such antibodies are known as anti-glomerular basement membrane antibodies. This basement membrane plays a very important role in kidneys as it leads to filtration of blood and makes urine. These antibodies damage this base membrane and disturb the filtration function of kidneys.
In case of lungs, these antibodies produced by the immune system damage air sacs and cause bleeding.

The main cause of formation of these autoantibodies is the viral respiratory infection in which body immune system produces antibodies against the virus but due to the resemblance of body cells with antigen to be attacked the immune cells starts attacking the healthy cells of the lungs and kidneys.
Who Are Affected ?

Men are more likely to be affected by this syndrome.
Men are eight times more prone to get affected by this disease.
Good pasture syndrome occurs most commonly early adulthood.
Mostly affected age groups are 20-30 years and 60-70 age groups.

How It Occur?

• It is an auto-immune disorder
• Sometimes this disorder is triggered by a viral respiratory infection or by breathing in hydrocarbon solvents. The immune system’s faulty response causes bleeding in the air sacs of the lungs and inflammation in the kidney’s filtering units.
• Smoking
• Exposure to metal dust
• Exposure to organic solvents

Signs and Symptoms of GoodPasture Syndrome

• Loss of appetite, fatigue.
• Weakness
• Lung symptoms may include:
• Coughing up blood
• Dry cough, shortness of breathe
• Kidney and other symptoms include:
• Blood in urine
• Burning sensation when urinating
• Nausea and vomiting
• Swelling (edema) in any area of the body, especially in the legs

To Know About GoodPasture Syndrome?

• Physical examination
• Hearing abnormal heart and lung sounds
• Urinalysis
• Chest X-ray
• Lung biopsy
• Kidney biopsy

Differential diagnosis of Good Pasture Syndrome

• Respiratory failure
Rheumatoid arthritis

Complications of Good Pasture Syndrome

• Lung failure
• Chronic kidney disease
• Rapidly progressing glomerulonephritis

Homeopathic treatment for Good Pasture Syndrome

Berberis vulgaris
• There is bubbling sore sensations in kidneys.
• Pain in the bladder region.
• Pain in thighs and lions after micturating.
• There is frequent micturition.
• There is burning in urethra when not urinating.
• There is tearing stitches in the chest and region of the heart.

Apis mellifica
• There is burning and soreness in urinary tract when urinating.
• There is a stinging pain in kidneys.
• Urine is scanty and high colored.
• Last few drops of urine burn and smart.
• There is suffocation of respiration, breath is short.
• There is a dry cough.
• A patient feels as if he could not draw another breath.

Bryonia alba
• Well indicated medicine for nephritis.
• Urine is red, brown like beer and is scanty.
• Patient has frequent desire to take long breath must expand lungs.
• There is expectoration of brick shade, tough and falls like a lump of jelly.
• Respiration is difficult and quick worse every movement due to stitches like pain in the chest.
• Cough with sensation as if chest would fly into pieces presses the hand on the sternum must support the chest.

Mercurius corrosivus
• Urine is hot, burning, scanty or suppressed, with bloody and greenish discharge.
• There is intense burning in urethra.
• There is a cough with hemoptysis.
• Pulse of a patient is rapid and intermittent.
• There is stitching pain through a side of the chest.

Terebinthiniae oleum
• There is a feeling of strangury with haematuria.
• Urine is scanty with an odor of violets.
• There is nephritis following acute disease.
• Patient complains of difficult breathing with lungs feel distended with hemoptysis.

Diet / management of Good Pasture Syndrome

• Limit salt content in diet and fluids to control edema.
• Take low protein diet in this disease.

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