Frozen Shoulder /Adhesive Capsulitis

Frozen shoulder is also called adhesive capsulitis. It is characterized by loss of range of motion of the shoulder joint because of the inflammation. It is a painful condition.

frozen shoulder


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Stages of frozen shoulder:

• Painful/freezing stage.
Pain occurs during least movement of the shoulder. The range of motion of shoulder becomes limited. This stage lasts for 6-12 weeks.

• Frozen stage.
Pain declines but stiffness in the shoulder worsens with further decline in range of motion. This stage may lasts for 4-6 months.

 Thawing stage.
The range of mobility begins to improve. This stage can last for more than a year
Age / Sex prevalence of Frozen Shoulder

It affects between 40-70 years of age. Females are more frequently affected than males.

Causes of Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder occurs as a result of inflammation, scarring, thickening, and shrinkage of the capsule surrounding the normal shoulder joint.

Risk factors include:
• Cervical disk.
• Shoulder injury or surgery.
• Systemic diseases e.g. diabetes, Hypothyroidism , Parkinsons, tuberculosis.
• Long term Immobility of the shoulder joint.
• Open heart surgery.
• Diabetes
• Accidents
• Degenerative arthritis

Signs and Symptoms of Frozen shoulder

• Pain
• Stiffness
• Restricted motion of the shoulder.
• The pain worsens when trying to sleep on the affected shoulder. The shoulder can develop increased pain with use with difficulty in activities.

Differential diagnosis of Frozen Shoulder

• Arthritis of shoulder joint
• Injury to tendon of shoulder joint

Investigation for Frozen Shoulder

• Physical examination
• X-ray

Treatment for Frozen Shoulder

• Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
• Steroid injections.
• Physical therapy can improve your range of motion.
• The underlying risk factors for frozen shoulder should also be treated accordingly. Sometimes, shoulder manipulation may help.
• Surgery if no other measure gives help.

Prognosis of Frozen Shoulder

• Prognosis is good with physical therapy and NSAIDs.
• It might get better in two years without any treatment.

Complications of Frozen Shoulder

• Arm can break if there is forceful movement of shoulder during surgery.
• Stiffness and pain remains after therapy.

Diet / management of Frozen Shoulder

• Physiotherapy
• Range-of-motion exercises
• Strengthening exercises
• Ice-packs can be applied

Homeopathic treatment for Frozen Shoulder

Calcarea phosphorica –
• Stiffness and pain with numb feeling
• Complaints worse after change of weather
• Pain in joints nad bones
• Numbness and crawling

Rhus toxicodendron –
• Painful swelling of joints
• Paralysis in limbs
• Loss of power in forearm and fingers
• Pains extending over large surface at nape of neck .

Ruta graveolens –
• Contraction of fingers
• Pain in stiffness in wrists and hands
• Great restlessness
• Sore tendons

Ferrum metallicum –
• Rheumatism of shoulder
• Weakness with cold extremities
• Muscles flabby and relaxed

Sanguinaria canadensis –
• Rheumatism in right shoulder
• Burning in palms and soles
• Right sided neuritis

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