Freckles are flat, round, dark colored clusters of concentrated melanin that range in size from about 2mm to 4mm.


Freckles are result of pigments perception in one particular place e.g. face, chest or shoulders due to skin exposure to the sun. Exposure to UV-B radiation activates melanocytes to increase melanin production, which cause freckles. Few case freckles are reported genetically transferred.

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How To Classify Freckles?

• Ephelids:
These are flat and light brown or red spot that fades with reduction of sun exposure. These are common in light skinned people. Sunscreens helps to reduce their development.

• Lentigines (liver spots):
These may be small then, brown or black spot that is darker than an ephelide. These do not fade in winter. This type is also a genetic condition.

What May Cause Freckles?

• Genetically passed on
• Prolonged exposure to sunlight.
• Hormone imbalance.

Freckles Signs and Symptoms

• Dark colored spots on the skin.
• Apparently on face or around nose.
• Light/fair skinned people counters freckles easily.
• Over exposure to sunlight.

How I Get To Know?

• Complete case history.
• Complete physical examinations.
• In very rare cases genes mapping is done.

Some Tips To Manage Freckles

• Sunscreens are somewhat helpful.
• Cover exposed body parts before going outdoors especially in summers.
• Green vegetables and whole germs promote healthy skin.
• Vitamin supplements helps in skin maintenance.
• Consume much of citrus fruits which are rich in vitamin C.
• Drink plenty of water.
• Application of castor oil or vitamin E at night before going to bed helps a lot.

Homeopathic treatment for Freckles

• Freckles, Rhagedes.
• Skin sore to touch.

Antimonium crudum:
• Pimples, vesicles and pustules.
• Sensitive to cold bathing.
• Dry skin.
• Scaly, pustular eruption with burning and itching, worse at night.

Natrum hyposulphite:
• Liver-spots (Lentigines) locally and internally.

Ammonium carb:
• Scarlet rash, miliary rash.
• Malignant scarlatina.
• Eruptions from defective vitality.
• Better in dry weather.

Calcarea carbonica:
• Fair, fatty and flabby patients.
• Unhealthy, readily ulcerating; flacid.
• Petechial eruptions.
• Worse from moist in wet weather.
• Better in dry climate.

• Suited to tall, slim women with lax muscles.
• Face swollen and doughy.
• Eruptions of the skin.
• Whole face covered with freckles.
• Great brown patches, brown spots on the cheeks.
• Liver spots on face, chest and abdomen

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