Fever /Pyrexia

Fever is defined when human’s body temperature goes above the normal range
Normal range 36-37C (98-100F).
Fever is routine symptom in infants and children , which is an normal immune response to an infection for generating  elevated body temperature.

In very young children and infants, a slight raised temperature indicates serious infection .
Normal body temperature varies throughout the day –like it is lower in morning and higher in afternoon and evening .

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Immunization in children or teething can cause low grade fever.Fever is the result of an body’s immune response to a foreign invader .These foreign invaders include viruses , bacteria , fungi and other virus .
Digital thermometer are used to measure rectal , oral or axillary temperatures .
• The temperature in the mouth is over 37.7C (99.9F)
• The temperature in the rectum (anus) is over 37.5-38.3C (100-101F)
• The temperature under the arm or ear is over 37.2C (99F).
How to measure ?
• Clean the thermometer with alcohol and rinse .
• Placing the tip of thermometer under the tongue .
• Keeping the mouth closed .
• The thermometer should remain in place for one-two minutes .
• Avoiding hot or cold drinks before temperature measurment
Rectal temperature will read approx 1 degree higher than oral temperature .
Causes of Fever

• Infection
• Rheumatoid arthritis
• Medications
• Sun exposure /heat stroke
• Auto-immune disease , inflammatory disorders
• Seizures
• Cancer
• Medications reactions
• Ulcerative colitis
• Blood clots
• Urinary tract infections
• Respiratory infections
• Skin infections
• Fever after immunization
• Ear infection
• Sinus infection
• Viral and bacterial gastroenteritis
Physical activity , strong emotion , eating , heavy clothing , medications and increased humidity increases the body temperature .

Fever Signs and Symptoms

• Headache
• Feeling of cold
• Anorexia –lack of apetite
• Dehydration
• Depression
• Lethargy
• Sweating
• Difficulty in concentration
• Sleepiness
• Weakness rapid heart beat
• Severe vomitting
• Fever blisters
• Neck stiffness
• Confusion
Children with fever may develop febrile seizures

Investigations for Fever

• Physical examination –skin , eyes , ear , nose , throat , neck , chest and abdomen
• Blood test (complete blood count )
• X-ray of chest
• Urinalysis

Treatment for Fever

• NSAIDs ( non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs )
• Antibiotic
• Rest
• Removing excess clothing or blankets in high fever
• Room temperature to be comfortable not too cold or not too hot .
• Sponge bath is good option

Prognosis of Fever

Prognosis for fever depends upon the cause , depending upon the underlying cause antibiotics and proper medications can be given .

Complications of Fever

• Seizures
• Dehydration
• Hallucinations

Diet / management of Fever

• Maintaning hygiene
• Washing hands before and after food
• Healthy diet
• Regular exercise
• Drinking lot of fluids
• Consuming lot of fruits and vegetables
• Avoiding contact with infected people
• Dress in light clothing

Homeopathic treatment for Fever

Aconitum Napellus –
• Fear , anxiety and anguish of mind and body
• Physical and mental restlessness
• Redness of face , dry skin ,violent thirst
• Cold sweat andicy coldness of face

Belladona –
• Burning and steaming heat .
• Feet icy cold
• Dry perspiration
• No thirst with fever
• Headache ,with glistering eyes

Bryonia –
• Intense and dull headache
• Dryness of mouth, tongue , throat
• Pulse full hard , tense , internal heat
• Profuse perspiration

Gelsemium –
• Fever with dizziness , faintness , thirstless
• Influenza , muscular weakness
• Complete relaxation and prostration
• Slow pulse , tired feeling
• Chilliness

Sulphur –
• Frequent flashes of heat
• Dry skin , great thirst
• Perspiration of single parts
• Dry tongue

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