Felon is an infection of the pulp space of the distal portion of a finger or toe near the nail bed, which is usually due to puncture wound.


The wound allows bacteria grow into nail bed; resulting in enclosed pocket of pus with pain, swelling and tenderness.

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Causes of Felon

• Injury

• Infections like bacteria (staphylococcus aureus), viruses, parasites and fungi.

• The most common organism behind the infection is staphylococcus aureus.
• In immune suppressed patients gram-negative organisms are the cause.
• The major mode of infection is fingertip blood glucose measurements.

Signs and Symptoms of Felon

Pain, redness and tender swelling of the affected part with an accumulation of white, thick discharge (pus).

The major characteristic features of felon are as follows
• Throbbing pain
• The tension in the infected finger.
• Edema of the finger pulp.

Investigation for Felon

Physical examination shows enlargement of the affected area with redness, tenderness.

Treatment for Felon

• Wear gloves while working with materials that cause splinters.
• Diabetics should clean the finger with alcohol.
• Keep wounds clean and covered.
• Regular tetanus vaccination.

Prognosis of Felon

Prognosis is excellent. After drainage and antibiotic treatment complications are rare.

Homeopathic treatment for Felon

Hepar sulphur: 
• Indicated when pus is not decomposed.
• Throbbing, sharp, sticking which become worse at night.
• Lower potency favors the formation of pus.

• Every little injury suppurates.
• Itching, burning;worse scratching and washing.
• Pus is acrid and excoriating.

• Pus in thin, dark and offensive.
• Affected part is purplish in appearance.

• Felons, cracks on finger tips.
• Pus is thin watery and offensive.
• Relief from warmth.

• Indicated
• Pus is greenish and thin.
• Shining redness with throbbing and stinging pains.
• Itching worse from warmth of bed

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