Eye Twitching /Blepharospasm

Eye twitching is an uncontrolled blinking /spasm of eyelid. Eye twitching usually affects the eye muscles of both eyes. Twitching of eyelids is spontaneous and uncontrolled spasm of muscle which moves the eyelid. Blepharospasm is marked by abnormal or excessive blinking.

eye twitching blepharospasm


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The frequency of eye spasm can increase throughout the day. Eye twitching can be a sign of  Blepharitis ( inflammation of the eyelid ), Dry eyes , Pink Eye and Light sensitivity and in some case a sign of brain /nerve disorder.

• Bell’s palsy

• Parkinson’s disease

• Tourette’s syndrome

• Dystonia

• Multiple Sclerosis

[/expand]Classification of Eye Twitching

Eye twitching can be classified –

• Minor eyelid twitch –mainly caused by irritation of the surface of eye (cornea)

• Benign essential blepharospasm (BEB) –chronic, uncontrollable eyelid movement of both the eyes. BEB is not a life threatening disease but has unknown causes.BEB should not be confused with ptosis (drooping of eyelids ) which is caused by weakness or paralysis of eye muscles.

•Hemifacial spasm

Causes of Eye Twitching

Eye twitching can be due to various reasons –

• Bright light

• Caffeine intake

• Fatigue

• Alcohol

• Smoking

• Stress

• Wind

• Lack of sleep

• Stress , strain

• Corneal irritation

• Fatigue

• Neurological disorder

• Side affect of medications

• Nutritional deficiency.

Some of the trigger factors –

• Dry eyes

• Environmental allergies

• Eyestrain due to prolonged focus while on computer, reading, watching TV, or bright lights.

Signs and Symptoms of Eye Twitching

• Powerful contractions of eyelids, Eye twitching can further lead to obstruction in vision.

• Eye twitching is an early sign of chronic movement disorder

• Uncontrolled winking , uncontrolled blinking , uncontrolled squinting

• Light sensitivity

• Blurry vision

Age / Sex prevalence of Eye Twitching

Benign essential blepharospasm develops in mid-late adulthood. This blepharospasm is twice more common in women than in men.

Race affected by Eye Twitching

Blepharospasm affects majority of Americans.

Investigations for Eye Twitching

Complete eye examination.

Treatment for Eye Twitching

• Medications – Lorazepam , Clonazepam

• Acupuncture

• Hypnosis

• Nutrition therapy

• On the failure of any treatment, Surgery is the option

Diet / management of Eye Twitching

• Rest and relaxation

• Avoiding stress

• Gentle eyelid cleansing

• Reduction of eye –strain ( wearing sunglasses )

• Use of warm compress

• Usage of lubricating eye drops

• Improving the quality of sleep

• Eating Bananas –Banana have a high content of potassium and zinc which helps in curing eye twitching • Placing a thin slice of potato / cucumber on the eyes this has a cooling effect on eyes.

• Using a few drops of rose –water as eye drops helps in cleaning eyes and has an relaxing effect.

• Splashing eyes with cold water

• Avoid rubbing eyes

• Eye care exercises

• Relaxation –Yoga , meditation

• Drinking lot of water

Complications of Eye Twitching

• Injury to cornea

• Permanent eye damage

Homeopathic treatment for Eye Twitching

Agaricus Muscarius

• Jerking, trembling, itching are strong symptoms

• Difficulty in reading, vibrating spectrums

• Twitching of eyelids and eyeballs

• Inner canthi red


• Dilated pupils, with yellow vision

• Sight weak, eyestrain

• Pulsations of the superciliary muscle


• Watering of eyes

• Frequent inclination to blink

• Pressure in eyes , opacities , ptosis

• Sticky mucus on the cornea

• Blisters on the cornea


• Eyelids heavy, blurring of vision

• Dim sight, twitching of muscles

• Dilated pupils , pain behind the orbits

• Deep inflammations

Zincum metallicum

• Rolling of eyes, itching in eyes

• Red and inflamed conjunctiva

• Pressure in eyes

• Soreness of lids and inner angles

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