Dumping Syndrome /Rapid Gastric Emptying

Dumping syndrome is a syndrome occurring after gastric surgery.Dumping syndrome develops after stomach surgery either part of it or whole. Dumping syndrome symptoms usually appear after eating and in others two to three hours after eating.

dumping syndrome


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Commonly seen in ?

Dumping syndrome most commonly occurs in old age individuals.female occurrences are on higher side.

Causes of Dumping Syndrome /Rapid Gastric Emptying

• Gastric surgery leads to difficulty in food regulation and the food contents of stomach empty quickly into the small intestine.Dumping usually occurs after consuming too much-refined sugars in people with gastric surgery.
• Dumping syndrome sign and symptoms arise due to when a lot of sugars dumps into the small intestine (hyperglycemia ). Now in return body releases large amounts of insulin for absorbing the sugars, which leads to low levels of sugar in the body (hypoglycemia).
• Gastric bypass surgery for weight loss is one of a major cause of this syndrome.
• Symptoms in early phase like nausea, vomiting etc occurs due to stretching of the small intestine

Risk factors –

• Gastrectomy in which either a part of whole of stomach is removed
• People with Diabetes
• zollinger-Ellison-syndrome
• When the tube between mouth and stomach is wholly or partially removed
• Gastric bypass surgery

Dumping Syndrome /Rapid Gastric Emptying Signs and Symptoms

Early phase symptoms-

• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Pain in abdomen
• Heaviness in abdomen
• Severe diarrhea
• Rapid heartbeat

Late phase symptoms-

• Dizziness
• Palpitations
• Hunger
• Sweating
• Fatigue, weakness
• Mental confusion
• Fainting

Symptoms in late phase arise due to rapid fall or rise in blood sugar levels.

Investigations of Dumping Syndrome /Rapid Gastric Emptying

• Complete medical history
• Blood sugar test
• Gastric emptying test

Treatment of Dumping Syndrome /Rapid Gastric Emptying

• Medication – antidiarrheal drugs
• Surgery
• Feeding tube

Complications of Dumping Syndrome /Rapid Gastric Emptying

• Excess weight loss
• Malnutrition

Dietary Changes May Help

• Avoid eating sugar and sweets
• Candies , cookies , cakes and pastries
• Avoid dairy products and alcohol
• Avoid eating and drinking 30 minutes before and after meals.
• Using fiber supplements
• Eating green leafy vegetables
• Drinking lot of fluids
• Avoiding fatty food
• Consuming small meals
• Chewing food properly

Homeopathic treatment for Dumping Syndrome /Rapid Gastric Emptying

Arsenicum album: 

• Person who feels anxious restless yet exhausted worse from smell and sight of food
• Burning pain is felt in the stomach and esophagus relived by warmth and sitting up
• Vomiting and diarrhea persist
• Upset from spoiled food or from eating too much fruits

Carbo vegetabilis:

• Sour belching bringing only small relief.
• Suited best for persons having gas, burping, heartburn and blotting.
• Burning pain in the stomach and abdomen, and flatulence after eating
• The person feels cold and faint with a strong desire for fresh or moving air
• Digestion may be slow and incomplete with nausea or cramping


• Cutting, cramping pain in the stomach and abdomen
• Relief from hard pressure or from doubling over
• Bitter taste in mouth, a feeling that the intestine are about to burst
• Sensation of stone are grinding together in the abdomen
• Indigestion worse id person is upset or after suppressed anger.


• Indicated for many digestive troubles
• Appetite ravenous, but eating even a small amount can cause a feeling of fullness and bloating
• Rumbling of gas in abdomen, pressing upwards and making breathing difficult
• The person often has a strong desire for sweets.
• Sleepy after meals and feels worst in the late afternoon and evening.

Nux vomica: 

• Indigestion especially suited to those who overindulge in stimulants, foods, and alcohol.
• Chilliness, irritability, and sensitivity to odors, sound and light.
• Pain and weight can be felt in the stomach with cramps or constricting pains
• Feels an urge to vomit or move the bowels


• Burning pains in the stomach that feels better from eating ice cream or other cold refreshing foods
• Person is usually thirsty for cold drinks, but often feels nauseous and vomits once liquid warms up in stomach
• Easy bleeding and sometimes develop stomach ulcers.

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