Dumping Syndrome /Rapid Gastric Emptying

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dumping syndrome

What is dumping syndrome?

Dumping syndrome is a syndrome occurring after gastric surgery. Dumping syndrome develops after stomach surgery either part of it or whole. Dumping syndrome symptoms usually appear after eating and in others two to three hours after eating.

What are the causes of dumping syndrome?

Gastric surgery leads to difficulty in food regulation and the food contents of stomach empty quickly into the small intestine. Dumping usually occurs after consuming too much-refined sugars in people with gastric surgery.

• Dumping syndrome sign and symptoms arise due to when a lot of sugars dump into the small intestine (hyperglycemia). Now in return body releases large amounts of insulin for absorbing the sugars, which leads to low levels of sugar in the body (hypoglycemia).

• Gastric bypass surgery for weight loss is one of a major cause of this syndrome.

• Symptoms in early phase like nausea, vomiting etc occurs due to stretching of the small intestine

Risk factors –

• Gastrectomy in which either a part of whole of stomach is removed
• People with Diabetes

• Zollinger-Ellison-syndrome
• When the tube between mouth and stomach is wholly or partially removed
• Gastric bypass surgery

What are the symptoms of dumping syndrome?

Early phase symptoms-

• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Pain in abdomen

• Heaviness in abdomen

• Severe diarrhea

• Rapid heartbeat

Late phase symptoms-

• Dizziness
• Palpitations
• Hunger
• Sweating
• Fatigue, weakness

• Mental confusion

• Fainting

Symptoms in late phase arise due to rapid fall or rise in blood sugar levels.

How do you get rid of dumping syndrome?

 Avoid eating sugar and sweets
• Candies, cookies, cakes and pastries
• Avoid dairy products and alcohol
• Avoid eating and drinking 30 minutes before and after meals.
• Using fiber supplements
• Eating green leafy vegetables
• Drinking lot of fluids
• Avoiding fatty food
• Consuming small meals
• Chewing food properly

What foods to avoid if you have dumping syndrome?

Avoid eating too much at a time eat small meals at small intervals daily. Have a protein rich food such as meat, poultry, fish, eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt, nuts, tofu or peanut butter. Do not drink liquids with meals.

What is the homeopathic medicine indication for dumping syndrome?

Arsenicum album

Carbo vegetabilis


For more information, you can visit WebMD and eMedicine.

Dumping Syndrome

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