Dubin-Johnson Syndrome

Dubin Johnson syndrome is a rare genetic disorder of liver which is passed down through families (inherited)

dubin johnson syndrome

Dubin Johnson is a rare genetic disorder (autosomal recessive disorder) characterized by mild, conjugated hyperbilirubinemia.

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Dubin Johnson syndrome is a disorder passed down through families (inherited) in which a person has mild jaundice throughout life.

Races affected by Dubin -Johnson Syndrome

Dubin –Johnson syndrome is described in all races.

Dubin –Johnson syndrome affects both sexes

Causes of Dubin -Johnson Syndrome

Dubin- Johnson syndrome occurs due to excess circulation and accumulation of bilirubin ( hyperbilirubinemia ) which results in yellow-orange discoloration of tissues.

Risk factors –
• Alcohol
• Birth control pills
• Infection
• Pregnancy
• Environmental factors

Dubin -Johnson Syndrome Signs and Symptoms

• Mild jaundice is the only symptom
• Some of the patients complain of –weakness and abdominal pains.
• Only occasionally patients have Hepatosplenomegaly

Investigations of Dubin -Johnson Syndrome

• Physical examination
• Liver biopsy
• Blood test
• Serum bilirubin
• Liver function test
• Laparoscopy examination of the liver

Treatment of Dubin -Johnson Syndrome

No specific treatment

Prognosis of Dubin -Johnson Syndrome

Prognosis is good

Complications of Dubin -Johnson Syndrome

• Severe jaundice
• Reduced liver function

Differential diagnosis of Dubin -Johnson Syndrome
  • Rotor syndrome
  • Obstructive cholestasis stones
  • Metastatic liver disease
  • Hepatocellular carcinoma
  • Sepsis
  • Autoimmune hepatitis
  • Alcoholism and other hepatotoxic exposure
  • Viral hepatitis
  • Hepatic storage disease
Diet and management of Dubin -Johnson Syndrome

Genetic counseling

Homeopathic treatment for Dubin -Johnson Syndrome

Chelidonium Majus – 
• Very prominent liver remedy
• Paralytic feeling with lameness in limbs
• Great lethargy
• Desire for hot food and drink
• Jaundice due to hepatic and gallbladder obstruction

Chioanthus virginica –
• Jaundice, hepatic derangements, and prominent liver remedy
• Sore, enlarged with jaundice and constipation
• Tongue heavily coated
• Loss of appetite

Lycopodium – 
• Desire for sweets, food tasting sour
• Incomplete, burning eructations rising up the pharynx
• Desire for hot food and drink
• Sinking sensation, bloated abdomen

Phosphorus – 
• Sour taste and sour eructations after meals
• Thirst for cold water, region of stomach painful to touch
• Bad effects of eating too much salt

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