Dubin-Johnson Syndrome

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dubin johnson syndrome

What is Dubin Johnson syndrome?

Dubin Johnson syndrome is a rare genetic disorder of liver which is passed down through families (inherited)

A person who has been affected has mild jaundice throughout life.

Who is affected by Dubin Johnson syndrome?

Dubin –Johnson syndrome is described in all races and both sexes

What are the causes of Dubin Johnson syndrome?

Dubin- Johnson syndrome occurs due to excess circulation and accumulation of bilirubin (hyperbilirubinemia ) which results in yellow-orange discoloration of tissues.

Risk factors –

• Alcohol

• Birth control pills

• Infection

• Pregnancy

• Environmental factors

What are the signs and symptoms of Dubin Johnson syndrome?

• Mild jaundice is the only symptom

• Some of the patients complain of –weakness and abdominal pains.

• Only occasionally patients have Hepatosplenomegaly

What investigations are advised for Dubin Johnson syndrome?

• Physical examination

• Liver biopsy

• Blood test

• Serum bilirubin

• Liver function test

• Laparoscopy examination of the liver

What treatment is advised for Dubin Johnson syndrome?

No specific treatment

What is the prognosis of Dubin Johnson syndrome?

Prognosis is good

What are the complications of Dubin Johnson syndrome?

• Severe jaundice

• Reduced liver function

What is the differential diagnosis of Dubin Johnson syndrome?

•  Rotor syndrome

•  Obstructive cholestasis stones

•  Metastatic liver disease

•  Hepatocellular carcinoma

•  Sepsis

•  Autoimmune hepatitis

•  Alcoholism and other hepatotoxic exposure

•  Viral hepatitis

•  Hepatic storage disease

What is the diet and management of Dubin Johnson syndrome?

Genetic counseling

What are the commonly indicated Homeopathy remedies for the symptomatic management of Dubin Johnson syndrome?

Chelidonium Majus

Chioanthus virginica



For more information, you can visit Wikipedia and eMedicine.

Dubin Johnson Syndrome

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