Diffuse Toxic Goiter

In diffuse toxic goiter, the thyroid gland is diffusely hyperplastic and excessively overproduces thyroid hormone. This result in smooth, rubbery form consistency nodule formation in the neck.

diffuse toxic goiter


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Who Are At Risk?

It is 7-10 times more common in women than in men. The peak incidence is in third and fourth decades.

What Are The Causes Of Diffuse Toxic Goiter?

• Hypermetabolism with heat generation and protein catabolism – Weight loss with a good appetite, heat intolerance, sweating, muscle weakness.
• Adrenergic – Palpitations, tremor, emotional lability, insomnia, restlessness, hyper defecation
• Gynecomastia, lighter menses, insomnia, decreased concentration, fatigue, shortness of breath on exertion, and decreased exercise tolerance
• Goitre – May be mildly tender
• Tearing, pain, puffiness, grittiness, double vision, prominent appearance, rarely visual loss

Investigations of Diffuse Toxic Goiter

• Serum TSH: Decreased Levels
• Serum-free thyroxinT4: Elevated levels
• Free serum triidothyroxineT3: Elevated
• The presence of ophthalmopathy indicates the diagnosis
• Radioiodine uptake test
• Serum anti-TSH receptor antibodies measurement
• Serum antithyroid antibodies
• Radioiodine uptake is elevated

Treatment of Diffuse Toxic Goiter

• A subtotal thyroidectomy may be considered if it is the choice of the patient.
• Medication: include Beta blockers, thiazides, iodine.
Antithyroid agents
Beta-adrenergic receptor blockers

Management of Diffuse Toxic Goiter

• Diet must include caloric intake to meet the energy expenditure of the hypermetabolism.
• Physical activity is limited by the presence of symptoms.

Homoeopathic Treatment of Diffuse Toxic Goiter


•Great remedy for the treatment of diffuse toxic goiter.

•Patient has no thirst.

•Belladona stands for violence of attack and suddenness of onset.

•Belladona is given for extreme of toxemia of the thyroid.

•Also given for treatment of scarlet fever.

•Epileptic spasms followed by nausea and vomiting.

Cactus Grandi floras

•Well indicated medicine for toxic goiter with cardiac symptoms.

•This medicine acts well on circular muscular fiber hence constrictions.

•Whole body feels as if caged each wire being twisted tighter.

•Suffocative construction at the throat with full, throbbing carotids in angina pectoris.

Cadmium iodatum

•Cadmium iodatum is a great remedy for the glands.

•The cervical glands of the neck, cannot the thyroid gland and the mammary glands.

•Cadmium iodatum patient has an aggravation from extreme heat as well as extreme cold.

•Indicated for cancer of glands with emaciation.

Crotalus horrIdus

•Well indicated medicine for treatment of diffuse toxic goiter.

•Spasm of Osseo cannot swallow any solid substance.

•Tight construction.

•Gangrenous with much swelling in the throat.

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