Deafness /Hearing Loss

Deafness is the complete inability to hear any sound whereas hearing loss is the reduced ability to hear the sound.


The level of hearing impairment varies as in elderly adults suffer more from hearing loss. In children, the most common cause of hearing loss is otitis media.

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Classification of Deafness/Hearing Loss

Deafness /Hearing loss can be present at birth  (congenital )
Acquired deafness may or may not be genetic.

Acquired deafness may be due to damage to the ear due to a medical condition.

Hearing loss can be classified into-Sensorineural hearing loss -when the nervous system is affected (brain and spinal cord ).
Examples – Meniere’s disease, nerve injury, nerve tumors.

Conductive hearing loss –when the portion of ear responsible for transmitting the sound to nerves are affected ( ear canal, eardrum, middle ear )
Examples –otitis media, ear wax, otosclerosis

Major Causes Of Deafness/Hearing Loss

The following are some of the major causes of hearing loss.
With increasing age, there is a progressive loss of ability to hear high the frequency of sound. Hearing loss can be inherited
• Other illnesses include –Measless ( which causes damage to auditory nerve )
• Meningitis ( damage to auditory nerve )
• Auto-immune disease
• Mumps
• Enlargement of adenoids can obstruct the Eustachian tube.
• Patients with AIDS
• Syphilis
• Premature birth
• Otosclerosis
• Neurological disorders like multiple sclerosis also have an effect on hearing.
• Overmedication
• Trauma
• Stress can also play role in hearing loss
• Sudden hearing loss is also related to excess inflammation of the liver
• Hearing loss is also related to deficient kidney function

What Are The Signs and Symptoms of Deafness/Hearing Loss?

• Hearing loss symptoms include the inability to hear sounds of higher frequencies.
• Constant ringing or buzzing in the ears [one of the symptoms of Tinnitus] • Complete deafness

Treatment of Deafness/Hearing Loss

• Removing the ear wax
• Medications for treating ear infection
• Surgical procedure
• Hearing aids
• Implants

How To Manage Deafness/Hearing Loss

• Magnesium supports the healthy nerve function
• Introducing supplements in diet – Copper and zinc
• Diet rich in amino acids

Homeopathic Treatment for Deafness/Hearing Loss

Belladonna –
• Pain in middle and external ear
• Humming noises
• Swelling of parotid glands, otitis media
• Acute and sub-acute conditions of eustachian  tube

Causticum –
• Ringing and pulsating noises in ears with deafness
• Chronic otitis media
• Accumulation of ear wax

Hepar Sulphur –
• Discharge of pus from ears
• Whizzing and throbbing in ears
• Deafness after scarlet fever
• Pustules in auditory canal

Lycopodium –
• Offensive, thick discharge
• Otorrhea and deafness
• Humming and roaring in ears with hardness of hearing

Verbascum Thapsus
• Otalgia, deafness
• Dry, scaly condition of meatus
• Swimmer’s ear

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