Cystocele ( Bladder Prolapse )

Cystocele occurs when bladder bulges into the vagina.


Cystocele mainly occurs when the pelvic organs muscles are strained in case of chronic constipation, violent coughing, heavy lifting. Now, this dropping of the bladder causes unwanted urinary leakage and incomplete bladder emptying.

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Menopause women estrogen levels fall down which result in weakening of bladder and vaginal muscles.

Grade 1 mild cystocele –when the women’s bladder hangs only a little into the vagina.

Grade 2 severe cystocele –in this the bladder reaches into the vaginal opening

Grade 3 advanced cystocele –in this the bladder bulges out through the vaginal opening
What Are The Reasons Behind Occurrence Of Cystocele?

Pelvic floor muscles are composed of muscles, tissue, and ligaments supporting the bladder and pelvic organs. Due to trauma from childbirth, the connective tissue gets weaken with time and the bladder can slip down into the vagina.

Other causes –
• Pregnancy and vaginal childbirth
• Being overweight or obese
• Repeated heavy lifting
• Straining with bowel movements
• A chronic cough or bronchitis
• Bladder infections
• Pain during sexual intercourse

Cystocele Signs and Symptoms

• Fullness or pressure in pelvis and vagina
• Discomfort while coughing
• Incomplete emptying of bladder
• Repeated bladder infections
• Urinary leakage

Risk factors-
• Childbirth
• Aging –risk of cystocele increases with age
• Hysterectomy
• Genetics –

How To Detect The Presence Of Cystocele?

• Complete pelvic examination
• Bladder and urine test
• Cystourethrogram –test involving X-ray of the bladder



How To Manage Cystocele?

• Kegel exercises which help in strengthening the pelvic floor muscles
• Avoid constipation by consuming lot of fiber-rich food
• Avoiding exercises which put strain on pelvic floor muscles
• Avoid smoking
• Avoiding heavy lifting and straining

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