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What is craniosynstosis?

Craniosynostosis is a condition in which one or more of the sutures in an infant skull fuses early (prematurely), therefore changing the growth pattern of the skull. Premature closure of the sutures causes increased pressure inside the head which results in change in the normal appearance of the face.

Classification of craniosynostosis?

There are 3 types of craniosynostosis:

-Sagittal synostosis 

-Metopic synostosis

-Frontal plagiocephaly 

Causes of craniosynostosis?

Causes of premature fusion are as follows:

-Biomechanical factors lead to craniosynostosis which include fetal head constraint during pregnancy.

Maternal smoking

-Maternal exposure to amine-containing drugs

-Hormonal factors also results in craniosynostosis, if the thyroid hormones are high in blood it matures the bone faster i.e. premature closure.

-Genetic factors

Sign and symptoms of craniosynostosis?

-No “soft spot” on the newborn’s skull

Unusual head shape

a raised hard ridge along the affected sutures of the skull

-Slow or no increase in the size of head as the baby grows.

Is craniosynostosis serious?

If not treated in time, craniosynostosis can lead to serious complications which includes head deformity, possibly severe and permanent.

Can craniosynostosis cause brain damage?

If not corrected in time, craniosynostosis can create pressure inside the skull (intracranial pressure) and that pressure can lead to development problems, or to permanent brain damage.

Is craniosynostosis a disability?

Some children may have developmental delays or intellectual disabilities, because of the craniosynostosis 

Can craniosynostosis cause seizures?

Increased pressure in the skull may cause vomiting, headaches, or decrease in the appetite. In rare cases seizures, misalignment of the spine, or eye abnormalities can develop.

How to rule out craniosynostosis?

Firstly, physical examination of the head is done

he following tests to be done are:

-X-rays of the skull

CT scan of the head

-Measuring the width of the infant’s head

Treatment for craniosynostosis?

Surgery is done to relieve pressure on the brain of the child, to improve the appearance of the child’s head.

Complications of craniosynostosis?

-head deformity which can be severe or permanent.

-Increased intracranial pressure leads to seizures and developmental delays.

For more information, you can visit Wikipedia and eMedicine.


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