Coccygodynia is also called coxalgia. It is the cause of pain in lower back. Coccyx is the tail bone, located between the right and left hip bones.


Inflammation of the coccyx is called coccygodynia characterized by pain and tenderness.

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Age / Sex prevalance of Coccygodynia

It is more common in women than men.

What Factors Cause Coccygodynia?

• Local trauma on the coccyx causing the inflammation of the ligaments
• During child birth the baby’s head passes over the top of the coccyx,
producing pressure and hence causing injury to the ligaments
• Tumors
• Sitting improperly, straining the coccyx.

Coccygodynia Signs and Symptoms

• Pain between buttocks at the tail bone.
• Local tenderness.
• Pain becomes worse on sitting.

What Test To Be Done?

• CT scan
• Physical examination to look for local tenderness

Possible Treatment For Coccygodynia

• Avoid long periods of sitting when possible.
• Use a well-padded seat while sitting.
• Anti-inflammation and pain relieving medications.
• Local cortisol injection.
• Surgical resection of the coccyx for the removal of irritated bony

Prognosis of Coccygodynia

• Prolonged conservative treatment has good results in successfully treating this condition.

Any Complication of Coccygodynia?

• Infection can occur if rectal vault is violated.

Homeopathic treatment for Coccygodynia

Fluoricum acidum
• Periodical aching in the coccygeal region
• Aching pain in the sacrum and lumbar region, relieved by pressure, stretching and bending backward.

Ruta graveolens
• Pain extending from the coccyx to the sacrum, as if caused by a blow or bruise.

Zincum metallicum
• Aching, pinching and lancination pains in the coccygeal and sacral regions.
• Pressure, tension and weakness in the sacral and lumbar regions.
• Back cracks when walking.

Thuja occidentalis
• Painful drawing sensation in the coccygeal and sacral regions and in the thighs, when sitting.
• Sudden cramping pain in the lumbar region after long standing, and when attempting to walk it seems as though he would fall.
• After being seated awhile the drawing increases as to hinder standing erect.

Conium maculatum
• Drawing and stitching pains in the lumbar, sacral and coccygeal region, followed by great weakness and nausea.
• Drawing through the lumbar vertebrae when standing.

Carbo animalis
• Pains in the coccyx, which burns when the parts are touched.
• Pain as from subcutaneous ulceration, worse on sitting or lying down.
• Bearing-down pain in the coccyx, as if bruised.

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