Celiac disease/wheat allergy/gluten sensitive enteropathy/celiac sprue

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease which damages the lining of the small intestine. The damage to slow intestine lining is done by body’s own immune system in response to intolerance of gluten-containing diet.

celiac disease

Gluten is a form of protein found in the food containing wheat, barley, rye. If the person who has a sensitivity to gluten protein then when gluten-containing food touches his intestine, body shows an immune response and this immune response lead to damage of lining of small intestine ultimately causes inflammation and produces symptoms like diarrhea or pain abdomen.

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Different patients with this gluten sensitivity disease are affected differently. Some patients get symptoms of diarrhea and abdominal pain. Some patients get irritable or depressed.
Some even do not show the symptoms.

Celiac disease/wheat allergy/gluten sensitivity Seen In?

Individuals of any age and sex can be affected by gluten sensitivity.

Individuals of any race can have this disease.

Is Celiac disease Is Genetic Disease?

The major cause of celiac disease is immunity reaction of the body to gluten protein-containing diet.
Genetic factors play a very important role.
Individuals who have a family history of the celiac disease are at higher risk of suffering from gluten/wheat allergy.

What Are The Sign and symptoms of Celiac disease/wheat allergy/gluten sensitivity?

Most common symptoms are as follows
•Stools are semisolid or even watery.
•Stools are light in color and sometimes oil floats on it.
•Steatorrhoea(undigested fat in stools).
•Lot of flatulence patient has to suffer.
•Weight loss
Other symptoms are as follows
•Hypocalcemia leading to neurological symptoms
•Skin problems like dermatitis herpetiformis
Hormonal disorders like
Delayed menarche
Impotency in men.

Any Test For wheat allergy/gluten sensitivity?

Tests to be done are as follows
•Hematologic tests
•Stool examination
•Electrolytes levels
•Serology test
•Genetic testing
Small bowel barium studies.
Endoscopy of upper GI tract.

Complications of Celiac disease/wheat allergy/gluten sensitivity

Wheat allergy or the gluten sensitivity can make intestines prone to malignant diseases.

Differential diagnosis of Celiac disease/wheat allergy/gluten sensitivity

•Inflammatory bowel disease
•Iron deficiency anemia
•Bacterial gastroenteritis
•Viral gastroenteritis
•Cytomegalovirus colitis
•Crohn disease
•Bacterial overgrowth syndrome
•Eosinophilic gastroenteritis
•Immunoglobulin A deficiency

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