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What is cataract?

A condition in which clouding of the lens of the eye occurs that results in a decrease in vision are called cataract.

As the age increases the weight and thickness of lens increases and the decrease in accommodative power occurs.

Cataract can affect both the eyes.

It develops gradually and is commonly seen in advancing age.

What are the types of cataract?

• Nuclear cataract: 

The lens becomes cloudy only in the nucleus.

• Cortical cataract: 

Lens cortex becomes cloudy.

• Subcapsular cataract: 

A capsule of the lens becomes cloudy.

What are the factors that might cause cataract formation?

In some cases, the cause of this problem remains unknown. Some of the factors which causes cataract. These are:

• Family history.

• Eye inflammation.

• Eye trauma.

• Too much exposure to sunlight.

• Diabetes.

• Eye surgery for another eye problem.

• Atopic dermatitis.

• over the use of corticosteroids drugs.

• Genetic illnesses including myotonic dystrophy, galactosemia, homocystinuria,

• In some cases, the Congenital infections with herpes simplex, rubella, toxoplasmosis or syphilis.

• Smoking.

What are the symptoms which indicate cataract?

• Cloudy or blurred vision.

• The sensitivity of the eyes.

• Double vision.

• Decreased vision at night or in dim light.

• Seeing “halos” around lights.

• Pupil of the eye appears grey or white.

How to investigate cataract?

• Medical and ocular history of the patient must be taken.

• Test of eye movements and pupillary responses.

• Measurement of eye pressure.

How to treat cataract?

Surgical removal of the cataract is the only treatment.

What other methods can be helpful in cataract?

• Eyeglasses.

• Magnifying lenses.

• Sunglasses.

What is the prognosis of cataract?

• Symptoms of cataract improve after surgery.

• Vision may not improve to 20/20.

What are the complications of cataract?

• Loss of vision.

• Glaucoma and inflammation inside the eye in advanced cases.

How homeopathic treatment can manage cataract?

• Causticum

• Fluoricum acidum

• Natrium muriaticum

• Silicea

• Calcarea flour

• Conium

• Euphrasia

• Phosphorus 

For more information, you can visit MedicalNewsToday and MedlinePlus.


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