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What is carbuncle?

Infection of hair follicle is called carbuncle. It is larger than a boil. It is an abscess with one or more openings. It occurs as a result of joining together of multiple boils or infection of multiple hair follicles.

The skin surrounding the carbuncle becomes tender and red in color. Carbuncle appears as a bulge in the skin. Carbuncle extends into subcutaneous fat (deeper layer of skin). In person having carbuncle the associated symptoms are fever and fatigue. Pus is drained from carbuncle from multiple openings.

Boil is also known as furuncle. It begins as a painful infection of a single hair follicle caused by Staphylococcus aureus bacteria. Common occurrence of boil is on the buttocks, face, neck, armpits and groin.

Several boils unite together to form a carbuncle. The infected area is filled with fluid, pus, and dead tissue. Fever can develop in case of carbuncle. Large boil and carbuncle needs to be drained.

Staphylococcus aureus bacteria infect the hair follicles and cause carbuncle. White blood cells come at the site of infection to overcome it. A pocket of bacteria, dead cells, fluid develops causing carbuncle.
There are more chances of developing a carbuncle from friction of clothes or shaving, poor hygiene and poor health.
Persons with diabetes, dermatitis, and weakened immune systems are at higher risk.

What are the symptoms of carbuncle?

A carbuncle is a swollen lump or mass under the skin. It may be the size of a pea or as large as a golf ball. The carbuncle may be red and irritated and might hurt when you touch it.
• Develop and heal more slowly than single boils do
• Leave a scar
• Grow very fast
• Have a white or yellow centre
• Weep, ooze or crust
• Spread to other skin areas
• Fever
• Chills
• Fatigue

What are the complications of carbuncle?

• Abscess

• Endocarditis.
• Osteomyelitis.
• Permanent scarring of the skin.
• Sepsis.
• Spread of infection to other areas.

How proper hygiene can manage carbuncle?

• Proper hygiene is to be maintained to prevent the spread of infection.
• Hands should always be washed thoroughly.
• Bandages should be changed frequently

• Never squeeze a boil yourself to prevent infection.

Do carbuncles go away on their own?

If carbuncle left untreated Sometimes boils go away on their own, without causing any problems. But it’s often a good idea to get medical treatment. This can help make boils go away quicker, relieve the pain and prevent complications.

Can a carbuncle heal without draining?

If a boil or carbuncle does not heal properly or if new symptoms appear. Boils may take from 2 to 3weeks to heal. In most of the cases, a boil will not heal until it opens and drains.

What are the homeopathic medicines for carbuncle?

• Arsenic Alb

• Belladonna

• Lachesis 

• Secale cor

• Anthracinum 

• Apis

• Silicea

For more information, you can visit WebMD and HealthLine.


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