Bursae is a fluid filled sac. Inflammation of this fluid filled sac is called bursitis. Joints that are involved in repetitive movements are commonly affected with inflammation.


Most commonly affected joints are shoulder, elbow and hip. But it can affect knee, heel and the base of big toe also.

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A bursa is a closed, fluid-filled sac. It acts as a gliding surface that reduces the friction between tissues of the body.
There are four types of Bursa namely adventitious, subcutaneous, synovial, and Sub muscular.
In this disease local inflammation occurs, synovial cells increase in thickness. There is formation of granulation tissue and fibrous tissue. The bursa becomes filled with fluid.

• Subacromial or Subdeltoid Bursitis:
Inflammation involves bursae in the arm due to its repetitive movement is called subacromial or subdeltoid bursitis.

• Olecranon or Elbow Bursitis:
Inflammation of bursae near the elbow is called olecranon or elbow bursitis.

• Trochanteric or Hip-Bursitis:
Inflammation of bursa in hip is called hip bursitis. It occurs as a result of excessive running. There is intermittent pain over lateral hip.

• Ischial Bursitis:
The pain radiate down the back side of the thigh. Inflammation occurs due to trauma, sitting for long period of time.

• Housemaid’s knee or Prepatellar or Kneecap Bursitis:
Inflammation results from the constant movement of the knee that causes friction between knee cap and skin.

• Infrapatellar Bursitis:
Kneeling in upright position frequently for long time results in infrapatellar bursitis.

• Anserine or Knee Bursitis:
Obese patient with osteoarthritis is prone to develop this disease. Pain is felt in the middle part of the knee that radiates to inner thigh and calf.

• Calcaneal Bursitis:
Poor fitting shoes results in inflammation of bursae.

What Causes it?

Friction occurs as a result of repetitive movement of a joint and causes inflammation of bursae e.g. pressure develops on hip joint because of sitting in one position for long period of time, lifting heavy object overhead repetitively causes inflammation of shoulder joint bursae, kneeling frequently and for a long time causes inflammation of knee joint bursae.

What Are The Signs and Symptoms?

• Joint pain.
• Tenderness around the joint on pressure.
• Stiffness.
• Swollen joint.


• Medical history and physical exam.
• Ultrasound.
• Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) may be done if the physical examination is not helpful.

How To Manage it


Conservative measurement such as Rest, applying ice and pain relievers are helpful in mold cases.

If conservative treatment does not provide relief.
• Physical therapy or exercise strengthens the muscles in the affected area.
• Rarely surgery is done to drain bursitis.

• Vitamin C, flavonoids and omega 3 fatty acids rich food help relieving inflammation.
• Keep yourself well hydrated.

Is this disease Curable

Prognosis is good. Symptoms respond well to treatment.


• Injury to surrounding tendons.
• Chronic bursitis.

Homeopathic treatment

Apis mellifica

• Inflammation, fluctuation and stinging pain in the bursa.

Arsenicum album

• Excessive burning is relieved by external warmth.

Pulsatilla pratensis

• Itching relieved by cold application.

Silicea terra

• Suited in chronic bursitis.

• Sticking pain.

Sticta pulmonaria

• Inflammation and darting pains.


• The sensation of formication.


• The affected joint is red, hot and tender.


• Pain and stiffness.

• Worse at least motion.

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