Breast Abscess

The breast abscess is the accumulation of pus (pus is composed of dead cells, bacteria, and white blood cells) in breast tissue. Breast abscess infection usually occurs in breastfeeding mothers. A breast abscess can be a complication of Mastitis.

breast abscess

Breast abscess forms a swollen, tender lump in the breast .

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A breast abscess is a bacterial infection, which enters through a crack in the skin of breast/nipple. The main bacteria are Staphylococcus aureus.
The breast abscess is observed more often in non-lactating women than in lactating women.
It commonly affects skin of lower half of breast and have a tendency to recur in women who are –
Overweight, having large breast, having poor personal hygiene
Commonly Seen In Age Group Between

Breast abscess affects women of age group 18 -50 years of age. Breast infection usually affects women who are breastfeeding.

African American women have a higher incidence rate before age of 40, and in white women, the incidence is greater after 40.

Breast abscess Signs and Symptoms

• Breast pain, tenderness, redness
• Swollen breast lump which is red
• High fever, chills
• Pus draining from nipple
• Tender lymph nodes

Why Women Are Affected?

The breast abscess is caused by bacterial infection, mainly Staphylococcus aureus.This bacteria enters through cracked nipples. The area infected gets filled with pus.Breast infections should be differentiated from breast cancer.
History of breast abscess

Risk factors –
• Diabetic Mothers
• Mothers with the previous operation on breast
• Mothers who smoke
• Fatigue
• Anemia
• Using steroid medications
• Low immunity
• Silicone implants

How To Diagnose Breast abscess ?

• Physician will do a thorough breast examination
• Complete blood count
• Ultrasonography
• Needle biopsy to rule out cancer

Breast abscess Is Not A Cancerous

• Mastitis
• Breast cancer
• Cellulitis

How To Get Relief ?

• Draining pus from abscess
• Antibiotics to destroy bacteria causing infection
• Needle aspiration for abscess less than 3cm in size
• Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

Diet / management of Breast abscess

• Using warm compress on breast
• Breastfeeding mothers should make sure to empty the breasts.
• Nipple and breast should be cleaned properly
• Avoid clothing which can irritate breast
• After breastfeeding, nipples can be lubricated with Vitamin A & Vitamin D ointment
• Warm water soaks / warm compresses
• Breastfeed often
• Avoid sleeping or resting in position which can compress breast
• Breast massage to improve the blood circulation

Homeopathic treatment for Breast abscess

Arnica Montana
•Sore nipples
•Septic conditions
•Usually after traumatic injuries
•Acts in dark-haired people with nervous or sanguine nature

• Mastitis, pain throbbing with redness.
• Breast feel heavy, are red
• Tumors of breast and pain worse on lying down.
• A headache, constipation and scanty urine

Bryonia alba
• The stony heaviness of breasts; hot, hard, painful.
• Abscess of mammae
• Menstrual irregularities
• Pain in the breast during menses.

Bufo Rana
• Mastitis, indurations in mammary glands
• Burning in ovaries and uterus
• Itching and burning

 Mercurius solubilis
• Hard swelling of mammae
• Morning sickness with profuse salivation
• Mammae painful and full of milk during menses

Phytolacca decandra
• Tumor of breast with enlarged axillary gland
• Breast is hard, painful
• Irritable breast before and during menses.
• Mastitis, mammae hard and painful

Silicea terra
• Nipples sore and painful
• Hard lump in breast
• Patient is cold, chilly and has desire for plenty of warm clothing
• Ailments with pus formation

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