Blepharitis is the inflammation of the eyelids that occurs due to oily particles and bacteria on the eyelid margin that results in irritation, itching, redness, and stinging or burning of the eyes.


If the outside of the eyelids is affected it is called anterior blepharitis. If it is not treated, it leads to thickening and inward or outward turning of the eyelids. It affects vision also. If the inner part of the eyelashes is affected it is called posterior blepharitis. It occurs as a result of dysfunction of the eye’s tiny oil glands.

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Basics: The eyebrow marked the extent of the upper eyelid.The junction of the upper and lower eyelids is called lateral & medical canthus. Small muscles control the opening and closure of upper and lower eyelids.Excess light and foreign particles are prevented from entering the eye by the eyelids.The eye is lubricated when the eyelids blink and they spread the tears.The bacterial growth over the lids causes blepharitis.Microbes invade the tissues and damage to immune system results because of production of bacterial toxins, enzymes, and waste products. Bacteria grow on the margin of the eyelids in case if there is dysfunction of meibomian glands or in presence of seborrheic dermatitis.

Is It Infectious?

• Infection by staphylococcal bacteria.

• Irritation of the eyelids with oil secreted by glands on the eyelid margin.

• Inflammation caused by irritants in the atmosphere such as chemicals at work, cats or dogs dander, results in allergic blepharitis.

• Various systemic diseases or various skin cancers can cause blepharitis.

• Infection of meibomian glands.

Symptoms Like

• Sore red eyelids.

• Intense itching with burning sensation in eyes.

• A foreign body sensation in the eyes.

• Crusts formation on eyelashes.

• There is an inward or outward growth of the eyelashes.

• Eyelids appear greasy.

• After waking up, eyelids stick together.

• The flaky skin around eyes.

• Loss of eyelashes.

• Sensitivity to light.

• Watery eyes.

• Blurred vision.

• Ulceration of eyelids.

• Infection results in stye or chalazion.

On The Basis Of Examination Diagnosis Is Made

Diagnosis is made on the basis of:

• Eyelid appearance.

• Peculiar signs and symptoms.

Differential diagnosis of Blepharitis


• Dry Eye Syndrome.

• Contact dermatitis.


• Contact Lens Complications.

• Trichiasis.

• Ocular Rosacea.

• Basal Cell Carcinoma of the eyelid.

Treatment of Blepharitis

• Topical antibiotic.

• Eye drops and ointments are used in case of blurred vision.

• Resistant cases of infectious blepharitis need oral antibiotics.

Prognosis of Blepharitis

Prognosis is good with adequate treatment.Symptoms can reoccur. Proper cleanliness of lid prevents recurrence.

Complications of Blepharitis

• Conjunctivitis.

• Stye.

• Chalazion.

• Loss of eyelashes.

• Corneal ulcer.

• Scarring of the eyelids.

Homeopathic treatment for Blepharitis

Antimonium crud

• Given in chronic cases.

• Eyes become dull, red, and sunken.

• Fissures appear on the canthi

• Itching in the eyes.


• Eyelids are swollen and covered with red eruptions.

• Crusts and scales forms on the eyelid margin.

Hepar sulph

• Needle-like pain in the inflamed lids.

• There are pus points on the lids margins

• Pain worse by cold application.

Merc. Cor

• Severe inflammation of the eyelids.

• Lids become ulcerated.

• Aching in the eyeballs and become sensitive to cold. Euphrasis

• Burning and swelling of the lids.

• Feeling of pressure in the eyes.

• Sticky mucus on the cornea, the patient must blink to remove it.


• Aversion to light as it causes sharp pain in the eyes.

• The very good remedy for stye formation.

• Angles of the eye affected.

• Suited in chronic cases.


• Indicated in acute cases.

• Eyes feel hot and dry.

• Profuse watering after exposure to cold dry wind.

• Lids swollen, hard and red.


• Given in chronic cases.

• Styes and chalazion reoccur.

• Inner angles of an eye are affected.

• Itching at the margin of eyelids.

Argentum nitricum

• Inner canthi swollen and red.

• Abundant and purulent discharge.

• Tired feeling in eyes.

• Ulcers in the cornea, it becomes opaque.

Diet / management of Blepharitis

Management :-

• Warm moist compresses should be applied to eyelids for 10-20 minutes four times per day.

• Clean the lid margins with a cotton swab moistened with dilute baby shampoo twice a day.

• Avoid using eye makeup.

• Contact lenses should be placed in clean case and disinfectant solution.


• Eat fruits and vegetables.

• Eat fresh food.

• Avoid processed food.

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