Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder affects the energy level of the person, memory, concentration, appetite, sleep, self-esteem and sleeps patterns.

bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder’s symptoms vary from person to person in pattern, severity, and frequency.Like some people experience frequent mood disruptions while other only a few.

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It’s symptoms include patterns of emotional low (depression )and emotional high (mania )

Bipolar disorder is marked by episodes of –
• Stage of severe mania
• Hypomania ( mild to moderate mania )it is the less severe form of mania.In this, the person is able to carry out his day to day activities.
• Balanced Mood
• Mild /moderate depression
• Severe depression

Other disorders related to bipolar disorder
• Anxiety disorders
• Depression
• High suicide rates
Bipolar disorder in infants and children is quite rare.Children exhibit Bipolar disorder symptoms in form of –anxiety, bed wetting, nightmares, tantrums and lack of activity and interest.
Low serotonin level in the brain is significant in insomnia, irritability,  anger, and depression.
Is It Hereditary ?

The exact cause is not completely understood can run in families. The neurotransmitter that regulates mood, this phenomena serotonin gets out of balance and functioning of these phenomena runs in families.The majority of individuals with Bipolar disorder have at least one relative in the family suffering from this condition.
• Genetic factors
• Hormonal changes
• Prolonged insomnia
• Constant worry
• Abuse of alcohol, drugs

Seen In

Bipolar disorder affects men and women equally. It starts between age 15 -25 years of age.

How I Get To Know?
• Sleep problems
• Physical and mental sluggishness
• Feeling hopeless, sad and empty
• Impaired judgment and impulsiveness
• Delusions and hallucinations
• Sleeping very little
• Jumping from one idea to another
• Unrealistic
• Poor temper control
• Sex with many partners
• Elevated mood –in some case like talking a lot, hyperactivity
• Substance abuse
Is There Any Type Of Bipolar disorder?

Bipolar I-A person with bipolar I have at least one manic episode in life.

Bipolar II- A person with bipolar II with mood cycling between high and low over time.

Rapid cycling –A person with rapid cycling experiences four/more episodes of mania or depression in one year.

Slow cycling –A person with slow cycling experiences long periods of mania or depression.

Investigations for Bipolar disorder

• Complete history, levels .medical and family history
• Lab examination –for levels.
• Physician recording the mood swings

Complications of Bipolar disorder

• Alcohol and drug abuse
• Suicidal thoughts and behavior
• Problem in relation, workplace

Treatment for Bipolar Disorder

• Medications
• Psychotherapy
• Mood stabilizing medicines –Lithium, Valproate,  Carbamazepine
• Anti-seizure drugs
• Anti-psychotic drugs /anti-anxiety drugs
• Anti-depressant drugs
• ETC( electroconvulsive therapy )
• Transcranial magnetic stimulation ( TMS ) in this high–frequency magnetic pulses are used

Diet / Management of Bipolar Disorder

• Complete education about the disorder
• Avoiding stress by meditation, yoga or deep breathing exercises.
• Maintaining a healthy balance in work and life
• Leading a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy diet
• Monitoring the mood
• With proper treatment, family and friends a Bipolar disorder person can lead a normal life .>
• Regular session with therapist
• Getting enough sleep
• Avoid alcohol and stimulant drugs
• Keeping a daily diary of thoughts
• Consult the doctor for any new medications
• Eating diet rich in fruits, vegetables
• Spending time in sunlight and enjoying nature
• Drinking plenty of water
• Consuming Omega-3 fatty acids

Homeopathic treatment for Bipolar disorder

Hyoscyamus Niger
• Disturbs the nervous system
• Perfect state of mania
• Person is immodest in acts, gestures, and expressions
• Talkative person, with jealousy
• Weakness and twitching of muscles

• Sudden alteration in mood
• Destructive impulses
• Aversion to company, discounted

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