Asperger Syndrome

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asperger syndrome

What is Asperger’s syndrome?

Asperger syndrome is an autistic spectrum disorder (ASD).Asperger syndrome has characteristic significant difficulties in social interaction, restricted interest and repetitive pattern of behavior. Clumsiness in patients is prominent but they have normal to above-average intelligence.

The exact cause of Asperger syndrome is not known, although it is believed that genetic component is involved as it run in families.

and toxic exposures.

Patient’s development of language is normal but there is abnormality in subtle use of language. Anxiety and frustration leads to depression in patient affected with Asperger syndrome.

Who are more prone to get affected with Asperger’s syndrome?

Syndrome is diagnosed in early school years.

Asperger syndrome is more prevalent in boys than in girls.

How to get diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome?

• Child with Asperger syndrome is over-focused or obsessed on a single topic or objects and ignores all others. They are eager to know everything about that specific topic.

• They are unable to recognize that the other person has lost interest in the topic.

• They approach other people but problem with their speech and language leads to isolation.

• Unusual body language, facial expressions, problem with eye contact.

• They speak in monotone.

• They do not respond to other’s comments or emotions.

• They are unable to understand sarcasm or humor.

• They are rigid about routines or rituals.

• Delay in motor development such as delay in riding a bicycle, catch a ball, climb, etc.

• Clumsy walk or other activities.

• Finger flapping movement’s repetition, twisting or whole body movements.

What investigations are done for diagnosing Asperger’s Syndrome?

Diagnosis depends on interviewing and observing the individual along with individual’s family members and also teachers or counselors if needed.

According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder the individual must exhibit:

A.  Quality social interaction is impaired , as manifested by at least two of the following:

1. Marked impairments in eye-to-eye contact, body posture, facial expression and gestures.

2. Failure to develop friendship.

3. Unable to share interest or achievements with others.

B. Restricted repetitive patterns of activities and interests as manifested by at least one of the following:

1. Preoccupation with restricted patterns of interest.

2. Rigid to specific routines or rituals.

3. Flapping or twisting of hand or finger or complex body movements.

C. The disturbance results in significant impairments in occupational, social or other important areas of functioning.

D. There is no significant delay in language, cognitive development, or self-help skills, adaptive behavior.

What treatment is recommended in cases of Asperger’s syndrome?

There is no effective medical therapy for Asperger syndrome.Medicines are prescribed to give relief symptomatically or to suppress other psychiatric conditions.

SSRI (selective serotonin re uptake inhibitor) medicine is given to give relief from anxiety and depression.

What are the differential diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome?

• Child abuse and neglect.

 Conduct disorder.

 Cognitive deficit.

• Fetal alcohol syndrome.

• Fragile X syndrome.

• Birth trauma.

How to manage Asperger’s Syndrome?

Behavioral and educational interventions are helpful in people with Asperger syndrome.

The effective behavioral and educational interventions include:

• Efforts to reduce overload of sensory input.

• Speech or language therapy.

• Training of adaptive skills or life skills.

• Social skills training programs.

• Training of self advocacy.

• Educational supports

What quality life can be expected in cases of Asperger’s syndrome?

When social, educational and behavioral support is provided to people with Asperger syndrome,a happy and productive life can be expected from that person.

However, interaction with people and personal relationships may be a problem.

With a right kind of support a person with Asperger syndrome is able to maintain successful career in mainstream job leads an independent life.

What are the commonly indicated medicine for Asperger’s syndrome?

The scope of Homeopathy is limited. It is the sole responsibility of the physician to decide upon the cure – by looking into the complete nature of the disease, onset and stage of the disease and then act accordingly.

For more information, you can visit WebMD and Wikipedia.

Asperger Syndrome

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