Alport Syndrome /Hereditary Nephritis

Alports syndrome is a inherited syndrome which damages the tiny blood vessels in the kidneys . Alport syndrome results from gene mutation affecting type IV collagen (protein which is imporatnt for normal functioning of glomeruli ).

alports syndrome


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Alports syndrome majorly affects males.
Is There Any Cause For Alport Syndrome

Alport syndrome is an inherited disorder , caused by gene mutation for protein in connective tissue , named collagen leading to progressive kidney damage.Boys affected with Alport syndrome develop kidney failure and are prescribed dialysis or kidney transplantation during young adult life.Boys and girls with autosomal recessive genes.Alport syndrome develop kidney failure. Risk factors

• Family history (hematuria )

• Loss of hearing

• End stage kidney disease

• Nephritis

Alport syndrome Signs and Symptoms

Alport syndrome results in progressive kidney damage , as in this the tiny blood vessels of glomeruli of kidney are damaged.This destruction of glomeruli leads to blood in urine , reduces the kidney filtering function.Alport syndrome symptoms are mild in women as compared to men.Alport syndrome majorly affects kidneys and in some it may also cause hearing problems and abnormalities in eyes.Kidneys –blood in urine ,protein in urine and high blood pressure

• Blood in urine
• Pain in flanks
• Loss of hearing
• Swelling around eyes , ankles , feet
• Loss of vision

How To Investigate Alport syndrome

• Complete patient evaluation
• Complete blood count
• Renal biopsy
• Urinalysis
• Blood urea nitrogen
• Serum creatinine
• Audiometry

Treatment for Alport syndrome

• There is no specific treatment for Alport syndrome
• Kidney transplantation
• The mail goal of treatment is controlling the disease
• Controlling the blood pressure
• Surgery for repairing cataract
• Genetic counselling

What Are The Complications Of Alport syndrome ?

• Deafness
• Loss of vision
• End stage renal disease
• Chronic kidney disease

Homeopathic treatment for Alport syndrome

Apis Mellifica

• Swollen eyelids , red and oedematous
• Suppurative inflammation of eyes
• Burning and soreness when micturating

Berberis vulgaris

• Rapid change of symptoms
• Burning pains , pain in kidney region
• Pains all over the body
• Pain in the bladder region

Colchicum autumnale

• Variations in visual activity
• Itching in ears
• Burning in stomach and abdomen.
• Nephritis , decomposed blood


• Intense pain in eye , otalgia
• Nephritis , sensation of heaviness and pain in kidney
• Strong smelling urine , suppressed secretion of urine

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