Adenoid Hypertrophy

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Adenoid Hypertrophy

What is adenoid hypertrophy?

Adenoid hypertrophy is the growth of the adenoid tonsil. They can obstruct airflow enough so that breathing through the nose requires an uncomfortable effort and inhalation occurs through an open mouth. It also affects the voice as well as hearing.

Who are at risk?

Adenoid hypertrophy is a childhood disease. The adenoid usually reaches its greatest size by about age 5 years, and relapses by late childhood – generally by the age of 7 years.

What are the causes of adenoid hypertrophy?

The infection results in enlargement of the adenoids.

lthough lymphoid tissue acts to fight infections, sometimes bacteria and viruses can lodge within it and survive.

What are the functions of adenoid hypertrophy?

Adenoids helps to fight the infections in the body as it produces antibodies or white blood cells.

Adenoids generally shrink during adolescent and disappear by adulthood.

What are the sigh and symptoms of adenoid hypertrophy?

Very large adenoids will block air passage in both the nose and the ears. This obstruction of normal air ventilation can lead to both sinusitis and otitis media.

-Bad breath.

-Dry mouth.

-Frequent ear infections

-Cracked lips.

-sleep apnoea.

-Mouth breathing, difficult breathing.

-runny nose or nasal congestion.


-Restlessness while sleeping.

How can we diagnose adenoid hypertrophy?

-X-ray (side view of the throat).

-Sleep apnoea studies (severe cases only).

-Physician may take complete medical history, physical examination.

-Throat culture.

-Blood test.

-Streptococcal test.

What is the treatment for adenoid hypertrophy?

-use of anti-biotics in case if infection.

-Cortisone may be needed to reduce inflammation e.g. prednisone, prednisolone.

-Surgical removal may be needed.

Is adenoid removal safe?

Yes, adenoid removal is a safe process. Removal of adenoids are only done if enlarged adenoids are causing breathing issues, swallowing difficulty or recurrent ear infections.

Do adenoids affect speech?

Yes, enlarged tonsils can cause both resonance and speech issues.

Adenoids play an important role in the speech development of the children, up to the puberty.

Can adenoids affect hearing?

Yes, adenoids affect the hearing especially if repeated infections occur which leads to sinus and ear infections. Badly swollen adenoids can sometimes lead to infections or middle ear fluid causing a temporary hearing loss.

What are the complications of adenoid hypertrophy?

-Chronic ear infections.

-Sleep apnea.

-Pulmonary hypertension.

-Right sided heart failure.

Homeopathic treatment for adenoid hypertrophy?



-baryta carb

-cistus canadensis


-calcarea carb

For more information, you can visit WebMD and eMedicine.

Adenoid Hypertrophy

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