Urticaria Treated Successfully for Sales Manager from Australia


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A patient of urticaria with (Identification no.40560) consulted us on 5th January 2018 regarding his skin related complaints online via website. He was residing in Australia and was working as a Sales Manager in a Automobile company. He complained of red bumps like rashes on his all over body which appeared after he took bath, with any change of temperature and occasionally spicy food caused discomfort.

He said his rashes were so itchy that he had to scratch it until it started bleeding. Bleeding caused irritation and severe pain on skin, which was unbearable, at that moment even a touch felt very painful.

He tried anti allergies or ointments but all the medications he used gave temporary relief. It was very annoying moment for him to starts itching at public places and social gatherings.

He had to change his clothes after every episode of scratching rigorously as it caused bleeding which stained his clothes. This bumpy appearance on skin gave him disgusting looks for which he felt conscious and embarrassed.

Dr. Thind asked him for pictures of his skin, which showed the rashes. He gave him medicines accordingly and asked him to save his old pictures as to compared them with the newer one in future.

He reported over the phone after 4 months that is on 6th May 2018 and reported that his itching had reduced considerable up to 50 %. There was no bleeding and the frequency had also reduced.

Patient visited our clinic on 1st October 2018. He reported that his complaints had reduced by 90 %. He had mild episodes occasionally and the itching was mild. He was advised to continue medication for another 4 months for complete recovery.

Case Study: Urticaria Treated Successfully

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