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A patient of 34 years old (Identification number: 39020) visited our Clinic and consulted Dr. Thind for his complaints of Depersonalization with his family. His wife and brother explained us all his case history , because patient was not in correct mental health.

We started taking his complete history to know the root cause of his complaints. His brother told us all his ailments started with the incidence, (According to the patient, he had firm belief that black magic or Witchcraft was done by his neighbour). He said that immediately after the day of Black magic (As per his delusion), his health, business and family all started to fall in line. He had a great loss in his business, mental health disturbed to the level that he tried to commit suicide after which his wife along with their 5 years daughter left him.

He stated he felt as if his body doesn’t belongs to him. He was not the same man but some different soul had entered in him. He denied to accept his family as his own, refuse to take his wife and daughter as his own and started introducing himself with a different identity.( The name of some unknown person, to whom he never used to be interacted with, even no one from his family had a concern with the person, which he narrated to be his identity.)

Complete confusion about his identity, his existence was there. He had complete absence of emotions. He just couldn’t recognize the situation and how to react accordingly. He used to start laughing at the bad news and used to weep at joyful moment.

Absence of mind and disorientation was another symptom in his activity, as if one or two person seated next to him, still he said “no one is seated next to me, I am here alone on this bench”. Even in a crowded place he said “why no one is here, its very isolated place”. Presence of anyone was negligible for him.

He tried to attempt suicide lots of time, injured himself very badly with no realization of being hurt by any injury or weapon and on question by anyone that “Don’t you feel hurt after injuring yourself?”, he gave a answer “No I am not hurting myself, actually other man in me feels this pain but not me”.

Dr. Thind studied his case with all the thoughts given by him and prescribed him medicines.

He got much relief within 6 months and it took around one and a half year to get well completely.

Dr. Thind advised him to discontinued the medicine as he was completely fine. His mind had became stable again which resulted in happy family life and he started his business again.

Depersonalization With Family

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