Complete Cure For Osteomyelitis Is Possible


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Mrs. ROM, age 49 yrs. old, (patient identification number. 7889) residing in Chandigarh diagnosed with osteomyelitis, consulted Dr. Thind on 19/2/2018.

Her report shows CPK values raised, WBC count is raised as well as ESR level also raised. She had a complaint of Fever (low grade), irritability due to pain, weakness, tenderness, redness of the affected area and swelling around the affected bone or joints.

Dr. Thind studied her case and prescribed medicine on the basis of her symptoms for months.

She reported back on 22/3/2018 and told that her pains were slightly better. She had no fever, her tenderness and redness were reduced. Earlier it was difficult for her to walk but after the

the homeopathic medication she was slightly better in all aspects.

So, she continued the medication and came for follow up after 2 months. This time she told that her symptoms aggravated as she went to a hill station for 15 days.

Dr. Thind again prescribed the medication on the basis of her symptoms and advised her to avoid cold exposure as her symptoms become worse in cold.

On 25/6/2018 she reported back and this time she was much better and therefore, she was advised to take the medicines regularly for complete recovery, so she is still under the treatment.

Case Study: Complete Cure For Osteomyelitis Is Possible Only In Homeopathy

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