Chronic Recurrent Folliculitis treated successfully with Homeopathy


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Mr. R.B.K from Rajasthan contacted us via Website on 26th June 2018. He was suffering from Folliculitis of scalp and shoulders. The abscess was painful and filled with pus. He tried many conventional medication, chemical peels but the complaints had the tendency for recurrence. He also had habit of scratching the abscess with his nails.

The patient was in Army so due to rigorous exercise regimen he used to sweat profusely.

Dr. Thind prescribed based on his symptoms and advised to avoid scratching the abscess with nails to avoid further infection.

Patient reported on 25th July 2018. He reported that old abscesses were becoming dry and were healing however new abscess were appearing. It was explained to him for reduction for the tendency of recurrent folliculitis it would take some time.

Mr. R.B.K reported again on 20th August 2018. He reported 50% improvement. The old folliculitis had almost healed and new abscess were appearing but there was no pus formation in it.

The patient continued medication for 2 more months and recovered completely with chronic recurrent folliculitis.

He reported after 1 month of stopping medication that one or two abscesses had appeared but there was no pus formation or pain and it healed on its own without any medication in 2-3 days.

Case Study: Chronic Recurrent Folliculitis Treated Successfully

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