A Case Study of Vitiligo


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A 28-year-old female (Patient with Identification no.45461) consulted regarding her skin related complaints. She was having white patches on her hands and arm.

She told us that she got the hypopigmentation 3 years back which were started from her right hand. Initially, she ignored the patches and applied household things but after sometime she noticed that that patches were not reducing .Patient reported with time, her patches were gradually increasing in number and the old patches were spreading towards her arm and to both of her hands. She went to dermatologist and came to know that she had a skin disorder known as Vitiligo.

Skin specialist prescribed her medicines and lotions which she was taking from last 3 years but got no results .Dr. Thind took all her history including personal details and prescribed her medicines accordingly. She told us that her father had same patches on his arms.

Dr. Thind advised her a good healthy diet and corticosteroid cream. It was explained to the patient that this is an auto immune condition and we can help to control its spread, occasionally it is not possible to re pigment the patches in muco – cutaneous junction.

After 2-months, patient complained of no change in her patches and informed us that she discontinued all other treatments.

On her second visit, she told us that she had some family stress too and at the time of tension she felt her patches more prominent. So, she was advised to manage her stress and started some meditation to relax her mind.

After few months, she said that she felt growth of new patches had stopped spreading further and there were no new patches. were there. The disease was in control. Patient continued the treatment and patches were re pigmented approx. 30 %.

Case Study of Vitiligo

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