Foot Drop:- A Case Of Foot Drop From Uttar Pradesh treated with Homeopathy


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A 46 yr old patient from Uttar Pradesh (identification number 3345) visited our clinic with his complaint of Foot Drop on 12 august 2016. He got this foot drop after his surgery for a cord compression 6 months back, which in result affected both of his feet and made his feet weak to such extent that he even can’t take a single step without having support. He had a poor balancing, it is hard for him to hold his own body weight.

Dr. Thind examined him physically and analyzed that patient’s feet were so sensitive that even a small touch caused him severe pain, even his bed sheet’s touch used to hurt him a lot. His feet become so sensitive in cold weather which makes his pain unbearable with a slight touch also.

Patient told that intake of excessive allopathic medicines for pain disturb his immune system to a great extent, and induces Diarrhea. It is very difficult for him to walk to his closest, which makes him more stressful.

Mentally, patient had a feeling of complete dependency on his family, he said “I feel as if I am a paralyzed man and become burden on my family, sometimes I have a feel of worthless life”.

Dr. Thind considered all his complaints and prescribe him medicines for his foot drop and to boost his immune system, which got disturbed due to excessive allopathic medicines.

Within 4 months slight changes had been observed, his pain became less to touch.

His treatment takes approximately one year to make him able to walk slowly without support, his unbalancing and numbness took around 6 months to get heal up.

Case Study: A Case Of Foot Drop From Uttar Pradesh treated with Homeopathy

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