A case of Keratoconus helped considerably with Homeopathy


A case of Keratoconus helped considerably with Homeopathic medicines. Read this case study to know how Dr. Thind helped the patient. If you or your loved ones are suffering from a similar problem or any health issue for that matter, our doctors are always there to help you. Just fill in your details in the form down below and we will answer all your questions for FREE!

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A 30 year old Marketing Executive from Noida visited our Clinic on 5th July 2017. She had complaints of Blurred vision, sensitivity to light, occasional distorted vision. She got examined by an Ophthalmologist. She was diagnosed with Keratoconus. She was a regular contact lens user for last 12 years. On inquiring further she had habit of rubbing her eyes.Patient was advised to undergo surgical procedure to fix rigid lens but she wanted to avoid surgery. Her right eye was more affected as compared to her left eye.Her life was getting impacted as she could not drive , nor she could go to work so she was feeling hopeless and depressed.

Dr. Thind prescribed her medication and explained to her that in such case we can stop further damage to her eyes and promote healing.However, in few cases surgery is unavoidable but Homeopathy helps in healing and preventing further deterioration.She was advised to stop wearing contact lenses and wear only prescribed glasses.

Patient visited on 1st September 2017. Her complaints were SQ and Right eye symptoms were worsening. Dr. Thind advised her to get the right eye operated. She got her right eye operated and continued homeopathy.

She came for her follow up after 5th November 2017. She was recovering from her Surgery and left eye was 10 % better.She continued medication for 4 more months and her right eye was better and stable with the surgery and left eye was approx. 80% better. Her vision had improved. There was no blurred vision. The Photo-phobia or sensitivity to light had also reduced.She resumed going to her work again and she was much motivated about her life again.

Conclusion:- As promised to the patient we could manage to control further damage and her symptoms were 80% better. However, as the damage to right eye was extensive, surgery was inevitable.

Case Study: Case of Keratoconus Helped

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