A Case of Depression – Completely Recovered in 5 Months


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Mrs MEE, age 49 years female with identification number 35784, who is a resident of Mohali, Punjab visited Dr.Thind on 29-4-17 with a complaint of depression since 3 years.

While narrating her symptoms she was weeping, she told Dr.thind that there was no particular cause of her depression but still wants to weep all the day. She was becoming indifferent to everything and does not want to do any work accept crying.

She had an anticipatory anxiety, insomnia & was taking anti-depressant medicines from 2 years but now, was fed up from conventional medications.

She also told Dr.Thind that whenever she was upset, she starts crying and crying relieves her mentally.

Dr.Thind studied her case and prescribed medicine accordingly for 15 days.

Patient reported back on 16-5-17, her symptoms were as such rather during 15 days she was not able to sleep.

Dr.Thind inquired more and came to know that she had a history of long grief, she had a forsaken feeling, her emotions were suppressed as her husband was very dominating. Dr.Thind analyse the case thoroughly and advised her to take the medication regularly.

She visited clinic after 1 month and told this time she was much better i.e. she started doing her household chores & her weeping was also reduced, she felt better in all the aspects.

She continued the medication for 6 months and in between the homeopathic treatment Dr.Thind reduces her conventional medication to one third.

She came for follow up on 30-12-17, her complaints improved by 60 -70%, so she was advised to continue the treatment for 3 – 4 months more to ensure complete recovery.

She continued the medication for 5 months, then on “may 2018” she reported Dr.Thind on phone to expressed her gratitude and thanks as she recovered from her depression.

Case Study: Depression Completely Recovered in 5 Months

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