Ranjant Mishra, Assam

Disease - Hairfall
I was under treatment for hairfall problem and after completion of 6 months I can say that there has been healthy improvement in my hair fall. My sincere thanks and gratitude to Dr. Thind.

Raman sangha, Maldives

Disease - Trigeminal Neuralgia
Dr. Thind has brought an incredible change in my mother's life, My mother's neuralgia improved drastically, with the medicines. It is unbelievable!! The pain has reduced considerably. My mother has achieved great progress while taking your medicines and able to lead a normal life. Thanks a ton Dr Thind.

surya kumar, kanpur

Disease - Urethral Stricture
I have been taking your prescribed medication from three months now i can say that there has been a marked improvement. Heartiest Thanks for the quality of care I received from Dr.Thind.

Goswa gaba, South Africa

Disease - Morphea
My son had large patches of Morphea on his hands and legs. I had used several creams and lotions but no help. Eventually we opted for homeopathic treatment which worked amazingly. Our entire family is grateful to homeopathy and Dr. Thind.

Gurshan singh, Canada

Disease_ Hirschsprung disease
My son gurshan had this problem since birth.He used to pass stools weekly only by laxatives and had lot of stomach pain and vomiting problem once in 2 months.
Someone suggested me to take treatment from Dr. Thind. Now my son is leading a much better life and is passing stools without the help of laxatives or any other medicine. I am so thankful to Dr. Thind for treating my child.

Chirag, Panipat

I had Psoriasis from last 15 years for which i had taken all types of treatment which used to give only temporary relief but after i visited Dr. Thind i got permanent solution of my problem. Thanks to Dr. Thind for treating my ailment and making me lead a healthy life.

karan pahwa, virginia

Disease - Insomnia
From last 1 year I got so frustrated because of my insomnia problem. But after visiting you I am going well.
Thank you Dr. Thind.

Mona Sareen , Auckland , New Zealand

Disease - Bronchitis
I have been suffering from bronchitis from last 4 years. I was very irritated with my breathing problem.
But after taking Homeopathic medicines I am going so well. Thanks to Dr. Thind for his concern towards my illness.

Paramjeet Singh, INDIA

Disease- Varicose veins:First of all congratulations to Dr. Thind for treating such a vast varieties of diseases.
Taking treatment from Dr Thind from last few months. Feel a lot relieved in the symptoms of pain and swelling in my legs. Now i can concentrate properly on my work. He also advice me doe's and dont's for my disease which helped me a lot along with the medicine.

Sandhya thapar , Sonipat , India

Disease- Schizophrenia
I am heartedly thankful to Dr. Thind for curing me from this mental disorder. I was left with no hope as i think my disease is incurable because i took so many medicines but got no results. But after my visit to Dr. Thind I became healthy mentally and physically too.

Neha Verma, Kalka

Disease- Epilepsy:I have been suffering from epilepsy since last 5 years.Took all sort of treatments but of no use. My last hope ended at Dr. Thind. Now i am taking treatment from him and my epileptic attacks have reduced both in frequency and intensity. I again gained the hope of leading a normal life all because of Dr. thind for which i am very thankful to him.

Emmy, England

Disease- Weber syndrome
My daughter has this rare disease. Her thumb of right hand is affected. It was growing abnormally as compared to other parts of body. But after we are taking homeopathy treatment from Dr. Thind the growth has stopped.

Gaurav, Rajasthan, India

Disease- Anal fistula
I was suggested for undergoing an operation for anal fistula. But I was very afraid of it. But with the help of homeopathy treatment at Dr. Thind’s clinic I am relieved of my problem and that too without surgery. My suggestion to everyone is that right kind of treatment at right time with healthy diet plan is necessary to restore your health.

Sushant, Lukhnow, India

Disease- Down Syndrome
My little daughter was diagnosed with the disease. After a lot of search I came to know about Dr. Thind who had cured similar cases. My daughter is on his treatment for 10 months and she is showing remarkable improvement. We are very happy with her improvement and we are very sure that she will be cured of the disease.

Rajni, Amritsar

Disease- Morphea
I was diagnosed with this rare disease and I had not found any treatment for this. I was not sure of any cure with homeopathy, but after losing hope from many treatments I just tried homeopathy, but to my great surprise I was cured of the disease. I am really very greatful to Dr. Thind.

Surjeet Singh, Canada

Disease- Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
I had this disease but I felt embarrassed to discuss with others about my obsessions, many times others have noticed my problem. But I had a very satisfactory treatment in Dr. Thind’s clinic. Along with medicine Dr. Thind gives me tips to manage my anxiety which helps me a lot.

Sunita, India

Disease- jock itch
I am highly thankful to Dr. Thind for curing my recurring jock itch. Before taking homeopathy treatment I thought the only solution to my problem is topical creams, but I was wrong. I have found a permanent solution to my problem through homeopathy.

Sofia, New Zealand

Disease- stye
I got frustrated of recurring styes. Every time I take medicine it relapses to come again few months later. But after homeopathy treatment it’s been 2 years now that stye had not recurred. I am very thankful to you, doctor.

Zenith, U.S.A

Disease- kidney stone
I am highly thankful to Dr. Thind for giving me relief from kidney stone. I had a very bad pain. Dr. Thind asked detail of my pain, when it gets worse, about my nature, every minute detail of mine and then prescribed me medicine. I have gained full faith in homeopathy now.

Abby, India

Disease- tennis elbow
Since one year I had a worst pain in my elbow and I was feeling bony prominence at elbow. But I am very happy because after suffering for a year from this problem I am relieved in just a month with homeopathy treatment. Thank you Dr. Thind.

Shabana, India

Disease- uterine fibroid
My gynaecologist had suggested me for operation for removal of fibroid. I was very afraid of operation. I came in contact with Dr. Thind while searching a solution for my problem on internet. He gave me full confidence for taking his treatment and today I am living healthy life without that fibroid in my body that too without undergoing any surgery. Thank you, doctor.

Vishal, Mumbai

Disease- ulcerative colitis
I had lost makeable weight due to ulcerative colitis. With homeopathic treatment my problem is gone, I have gained weight, my hemoglobin level is normal and I am leading a healthy, active lifestyle. Thanks to Dr. Thind for treatment.

Jessica, U.S.

Disease- thrush
Since 2 years I had recurring thrush. But after your treatment thrush had not recurs since 6 months. I am very grateful to you Dr. Thind.

Angela, Europe

Disease- nasal polyp
I was suffering from nasal polyp since 4 years. Most bothering symptom was sneezing. I had changed many doctors but with no relief. But at Dr. Thind’s clinic I had satisfactory treatment. Nasal polyp is completely gone and there is no sneezing any more.

Sheetal, India

Disease- impetigo
My 4 year old son was suffering from impetigo. His face was affected and I got very worried about him. After a treatment for 15 days his face is cleared with healthy skin.

Eric, New Zealand

Disease- ganglion
I strongly recommend homeopathy treatment who is suffering from any disease. I had a ganglion at my wrist. It subsides with allopathic treatment, but it recurs after few months. But it has been more than three years after homeopathic treatment, my ganglion is completely cured. Thanks to Dr. Thind.

Theidoric, England

Disease- encopresis
I am very greatful to you Sir for treating my 8 years old son from the disease called encopresis. We have gained a firm belief in homeopathy.

Dinesh Kumar Chanana, Chandigarh, India

Disease- nephritic syndrome
Dear Sir,
My son, Piyush Chanana was patient of Nephrotic syndrome since 2005 and taking medicine from PGI chandigarh. He was also Steroid dependent. He was
taking medicine like wyslone. After getting treatment from you from 2012, he has recovered from his problem within one year. I am very happy and thankful to you.

Monika, Australia

Disease- sinusitis
Sir I do not have words to say thanks for the Manas treatment. He is fully enjoying winters with no anymore chest problem. Very special thanks also to Dr. Niharika and Dr. Navneet as they spent a long time to talk on phone about kid’s problem. I request that please keep record of Manas and Eshan with u. We are planning to come to India next year so it would be easy to understand kids more. Only few people are honest for their profession and according to me sir you are one of them. Once again thank you very much what you did for Manas.

Sofia, Norway

Disease- bruxism
Thank you for helping me in getting rid of the disease from which I was suffering from past 3 years.

Samantha, Australia

Disease- warts
Thanks to Dr. Thind for treating me and helps me in gaining confidence. I had starting avoiding meeting people because of dirty look of my hands due to warts. But the treatment was very satisfactory.

Prerna, Kurukshetra

Disease- sciatica
I had a major problem in standing for a long time due to sciatica. I had tried many treatments, like allopathic medicines, physiotherapy, but it gives me temporary relief. After Dr. Thind’s treatment it’s been a year now that I have no symptoms of sciatica. Thank you.

Prashant, Pune

Disease- fungal infection
I have developed a firm belief in homeopathy after I am relieved from fungal infection of beard area. Thanks to Dr. Thind, I strongly recommend homeopathic treatment.

Sahir, Delhi

Disease- urticaria
My skin symptoms were worse in daytime, I was not able to go outdoors as warmth from sun worsen my condition, and there was severe itching from warmth. After treatment from Dr. Thind I am relieved of the previous condition and can perform outdoor work.

Mandeep, Canada

I was diagnosed with PCOD. Before homeopathic treatment I had heavy and painful periods. Since when I am on homeopathic treatment my pain has gone and I am also relieved of heavy flow. Treatment is still going on to shrink the remaining cysts; I am satisfied with the treatment. Thanks to Dr. Thind.

Allergic Rhinitis

I started treatment with Dr.Thind for my son for allergic rhinitis and eczema on my friend recommendation . My son was having this problem since last 5 years . His frequency of attack was after every 4-5 days with sneezing , fever , nasal blockage which was affecting his studies and school performance . Now he has been taking regular medicine since 2 months and results are amazing .

Homeopathy works well in kids and is the most safe medicine .
Thank you

Mrs. S P Singh

Diseases - Rheumatoid Arthritis ( RA)

I was suffering from RA since last 6 months , had taken lot of medicines , therapies , pain killers . My RA factor reached to higher side , i had difficulty in walking , doing my day to day activities nad my family was also suffering along with me . I gained lot of weight and started having high Blood pressure .

I visited Dr .Thind clinic and started medicine , and the results were in my favour . My condition was improving day my day .

Shetty, Bangalore.

Diseases - Vitiligo

My mother-in-law had few spots of vitiligo on face and neck and they were spreading. She had tried allopathy treatment but there was no improvement. I came across Dr. Thind’s website and started his treatment. After starting homeopathic treatment there was no spread in the spots. Few months of medications give great results. Pigmentation starts appearing in spots.

We are very grateful to Dr. Thind for his effective treatment.

Mrs. Usha Bhardwaj Mumbai.

Diseases - Urticaria

I have been on homeopathic treatment for urticaria for last six months. The result is very good. I had this problem since many years, but I didn’t get any relief from other medicines. I am very thankful to Dr. Thind for relieving me of my complaint.

Nidhi Shimla.

Diseases - Lichen Planus

I am very thankful to Dr. Thind for his treatment. It was like a night-mare when I got to know that I have lichen planus. After homeopathic treatment I am experiencing marked improvement in my lesions that could not happen with any other medicine in last one year.

Manoj Delhi.

Diseases -Eczema

It is a great experience for me to come to Dr. Thind for my problem of eczema. After taking homeopathic treatment I have stopped taking steroids which is a great relief.

Joseline U.K.

Diseases - Asthma

I have developed trust in homeopathic treatment after I have seen marked improvement in my child’s asthma symptoms. I started Homeopathic treatment after my friend recommended Dr. Thind.

Previously the attack of asthma was so severe that we were bound to use steroids. But since we have started homeopathic treatment we have ended using steroids and my child has marked improvement in his symptoms.

Stewart U.S.A

Diseases - Psoriasis

My disease has slowed down since I am taking homeopathic treatment. Apart from psoriasis I feel general improvement in health. Thanks to Dr. Thind that within a span of 6 months psoriasis disappeared completely.

Vinita, Pune.

Diseases - Alopecia

I had few bald patches on my scalp. I was very worried because they were growing slowly. After my friend’s recommendation I consulted Dr. Thind. Homeopathy works wonders for me. The size of spots has decreased considerably. My hair falls out less.

Robert, Australia.

Diseases - Adenoids

I really want to thank Dr. Thind for his effective treatment given to my daughter for adenoids. She had this problem when she was three years of age. After homeopathic treatment not only her adenoids get cured but her immunity level has also increased.

Manjeet, Canada.

Diseases - Acne

Earlier I felt horrible when I look at myself in mirror. I had acne on face and after sun exposure burning, itching and redness become severe. I tried several medicines before but every-time I stopped taking medicines my problem reappears. After I took homeopathic treatment from Dr. Thind I permanently get rid of my problem. When I look at myself in mirror now I find myself looking beautiful, this has filled me with more confidence.

I want to thank Dr. Thind for treating me.

Brijesh , Calicut

Diseases - Disc herniation

My reports were - Focal disc herniation at L5-S1 level . I was having lot of pain , anxiety , my job was affected i couldnot do it properly . My health was retarding day by day . lot of conventional medicines but nothing in hand . i was afraid of getting bed-ridden .

Then i contacted Dr.Thind as already my sister was his patient and i didnot beleived in homeopathy . But sorry to this pathy . I am improving day by day . I get my medicines through courier time to time .

Thank you

Shikhawat, Thane

Diseases - Warts

Dr.Thind cured my warts with his medicine which were spread all over my body and ugly looking . Along with it i had lot of digestive issues like , gas , acidity , heaviness whole day and had to stop lot of food items . But with his complte case analysis , spending time listening to my complaints has helped me in improving .

Thank you


Diseases - Endometereosis

I started treatment with Dr.Thind from Chennai after getting diagnosed with B/L ovarian endometrial cyst and adenomyosis 8 months back .

Within 5 months the size of cyst has reduced.

Dona, Vellore

Diseases - Vitiligo

I came to know about Dr.Thind from my friend .I was having vitiligo spots on my face , neck and hands . After trying lot of external applications with no results , i trusted Dr.Thind homeopathic treatment .

Saira from Chandigarh

Diseases - Psoriasis

Suffering from psoriasis since last 4 years , my condition was getting worse day by day , and it was spreading to whole body including scalp.Thank you Dr. Thind i am extremely happy and satisfied with your medicinal improvement in me. Recommending to people.

Jenario , USA

Diseases - Trigeminal Neuralgia

I was diagnosed with Trigeminal neuralgia 8 months back and with Dr.Thind's medicine there has been 60% improvement in 5 months. It's amazing.

Joseph , California

Diseases - Ulcerative colitis

Suffering from psoriasis since last 4 years , my condition was getting worse day by day , and it was spreading to whole body including scalp.Thank you Dr. Thind i am extremely happy and satisfied with your medicinal improvement in me. Recommending to people.