Homeopathic Remedies, Potencies And Their Significance

Homeopathic remedies-potency and its significance

Homeopathy is a system of medicine which is purely based on laws. From the process of case taking till medication including preparation of medicine, each and every part is based on scientific principles. Homeopathic medicines are prepared in very accurate manner and with fixed laws of preparation.

Preparation of homeopathic medicines:

Homeopathic medicines are prepared in the form of potencies by the process of Potentization. Different potencies have different actions and are used for different disease conditions. For example, a medicine like Hepar Sulphur is available in many potencies but in lower potencies it leads to increased secretion of mucus and in higher potencies it suppresses the secretion of mucus.

Homeopathic medicines are prepared from different sources plant kingdom, animal kingdom, mineral kingdom, also from secretions of various animals, etc.

Medicines are prepared in different potencies and before being administered to the patients, medicines in their crude forms are proved on healthy human beings of different kind of physique, both males and females so as to know that what kind of effect they produce in them.

Homeopathic medicines are potentised in order to increase their therapeutic properties. Potencies are denoted by suffix ‘X’, ‘C’, or ‘LM’ depending upon whether they have been potentised under decimal scale, centesimal scale or millisimal scale where

Decimal scale(X) means, where the medicine is diluted in the ratio of 1:9
Centesimal scale(c) means, the medicine is been diluted in the ratio of 1:99
50 millisimal(LM) scale means, the medicine is diluted in ratio of 1:49,999.

The higher potencies like 200, 1000, 10000 contain the minutest amount of the basic remedy, but this has been potentized to enhance the therapeutic value of that remedy.
Thus, higher potencies should always be administered with the advice of a physician.
Different potencies of medicines have different therapeutic properties.

Homeopathic medicines are not only rapid and gentle in healing but are also safe and easy to administer and have no side effects if taken under the guidance of homeopathic doctor.
The process of making homeopathic medicine is called as Potentization in which original substance is transformed into therapeutically active medicine.

Action of homeopathic medicines:

Homeopathic medicines are not only administered through oral route but are also available in form of ointments, through olfaction (nasal passage), eye drops, tonic forms etc.

Homeopathic medicines work differently from other system of medicine as they act through nerves when put on tongue. Help to maintain immunity of the body.

Homeopathic medicines not only act on diseased parts of the patients but also help in attaining good health by making the immune system strong.

Medicine preparation, then selection of medicine, administration of medicine, dosage, and repletion of dosage, every step should be under the guidance of recognized doctor.