Facts And Myths- About Homeopathy

Is homeopathy only a placebo?

If we try to understand homeopathic remedies as a different area of science other than chemistry then we can know how a homeopathic remedy really works.

It is not beyond the modern medical science, but it is considered a placebo because of lack of adequate research as in modern medicine guidelines. Homeopathic remedy has proved its efficacy in various diseases over the world.

Many homeopathic doctors have video recorded the cases that they have treated successfully. The cases which are said to be “incurable” by the allopathic doctors are proved to be cured by homeopathic remedies. This would not have been possible if it is mere a placebo.

Does homeopathy have some limitations?

Yes, homeopathy does not claim to treat all the disease which demands immediate medical attention till the patient is out of danger.

Some diseases that have advanced to a stage that they need surgery might not respond to homeopathic remedies. But homeopathy can avoid some surgical conditions like tonsillitis, adenoids, nasal polyps, non-healing ulcers in spite of skin grafting, in many cases amputations can be avoided etc. There is a long list of proven cases.

Is homeopathy capable of curing medical illness?

Homeopathy has proved its efficacy in treating auto-immune disorders, allergies, female disorders, diseases of children and elderly people. Acute cases including seasonal diseases can be effectively treated with homeopathic remedies.

Are supplements advisable along with homeopathy?

Supplements are a part of homeopathic treatment. Homeopathy has limited role in nutritional disorders as the food that is deficient in essential nutrients should be taken first.

In certain conditions where other source of nutrients are necessary then supplements are recommended.

Are lab investigations required in homeopathy?

Yes. For proper diagnosis and effective homeopathic prescription, lab investigations such as X-ray, blood tests, MRI etc. are needed.

As I have said earlier homeopathy is not different from modern medical science, so various lab investigations are necessary to make a diagnosis that is helpful in remedy prescription.

Is homeopathy a “magic pathy”?

No. homeopathy is no other than science, it is not true to call it a magic pathy. Lack of understanding of how homeopathic treatment works it gives rise to a myth that it is a “magic pathy”.

Does onion, garlic, tea, stimulants like coffee and alcohol have any effect on homeopathic remedies?

No, these do not have any effect on homeopathic medicines. Certain restricted diet needed to be followed which is disease related such as purine containing food in gout, sour food in tonsil, preservatives and so on.

Over indulgence in stimulants are advised to be restricted as they have harmful impact on health.

Does homeopathy treat the diseases permanently?

Homeopathic remedy gives long lasting relief from disease. Permanent cure depends on the stage and severity of the disease. I don’t say homeopathy is an ultimate medicine, certain cases of advanced stage in which cure is not possible we palliate the symptoms to give relief to patient.

Can we take homeopathy medicines along with allopathy medicines?

Yes, homeopathic medicines can be taken along with allopathy but it is advised that your consultant homeopathic doctor must know which allopathic medicines you are taking.

Do homeopathy medicines aggravate the symptoms?

Homeopathic aggravation is misinterpreted. There may be mild increase in the symptoms in few cases in which suppression with allopathic drugs is there. In some cases when the allopathic medicines are discontinued then the suppressed disease comes in true form.

Is homeopathy effective in structural changes in the body?

There are numerous documented cases that have proved the efficacy of homeopathic remedies that it can reverse the structural changes in the body.

Does homeopathy treat only chronic conditions?

As many people are getting aware of homeopathy, I have many patients of acute illness. Homeopathy is a great alternative medicine in cases of acute diseases e.g. it is very effective in cough, cold, fever, otitis media, tonsillitis, sinusitis, pneumonia etc.

Action of homeopathic remedies is slow. Is it true or false?

This is not true. Homeopathy has been labeled as slow acting because of delay in treatment of chronic cases. As the chronic diseases is persisting for long time in body and has a remarkable negative effect on health it takes time to come to normal health position. Yes, homeopathy takes time to reverse the health condition to normal which has been deranged by chronic disease, but it give the long lasting relief for sure.

In acute cases homeopathy is effectively prescribed and has shown positive results e.g. infections, fever, diarrhea, etc. It is true that homeopathy is slow to act in comparison to steroids, anti-inflammatory medicines; painkillers etc. but the side effect of theses so called fast acting drugs are well known.

Is homeopathy safer during pregnancy and in infants?

Yes. Homeopathic remedies are highly diluted and have no side effects, so they are safe to be prescribed during pregnancy and in infants.

Are homeopathic doctors against surgery?

No, homeopathy is not against surgery. Certain diseases where surgery is needed no other alternative medicine can substitute the task of surgery.

Surgery is a part of the homeopathic treatment. Homeopathy medicines are given in pre and post surgical conditions. There are various homeopathic remedies in such cases, few of them are: Thiosinamum helps in post surgical scarring; Ruta is helpful in damage to tendons or cartilages during surgery with pain or delayed recovery; Phosphorus is given in haemorrhage during or after surgery; Naja given in hypotension resulting from shock, etc.

Does homeopathy have effective role in genetic disorders?

Yes, homeopathy is effective in various hereditary and congenital disorders.
Homeopathy has proved to its efficacy in autism, Down’s syndrome.

Is homeopathy against modern medicines?

No, homeopathy is not against modern medicine. Homeopathy is just a part of medical science. Alternative medicine is complementary and collaborating.

Why all homeopathy medicines are same white globules?

White globules are not medicines. In fact, globules or pills only provide a medium or vehicle for the transport of medicine into the body. These globules are made from lactose. Liquid medicines which are made by using one substance, whether plant, mineral, metal etc. are dispensed in globules.

Is homeopathy is practiced by quacks?

A registered homeopathic doctor undergoes training of five and a half years in which they study basic subjects like anatomy, physiology, pathology, surgery as in any other system of medicine along with homeopathic medicines, organon and pharmacy.

There is wide range of homeopathic books which are available in specialist outlet, not sold in the street.

Homoeopathy is a wonderful alternative system of medicine for acute as well as chronic diseases.