Practical Application of Homeopathic Veterinary

Homeopathy has been used in animals (veterinary homeopathy) for many years. For the homeopathic vet, the methodology is broadly similar to that used in human medicine. All types of animals respond, from pets to farm animals, from horses to wild animals, from birds to fish. Organic farmers rely upon homeopathic medicine as an effective, safe medicine which does not give rise to drug residues in meat, milk or eggs. Conventional farmers also make use of its benefits. People run modern intensive farms with veterinary homeopathy, without the use of antibiotics, hormones and other drugs, showing its true capability. Among its other benefits, of especial importance in farmed animals, is the fact that it cannot provoke ‘antibiotic resistance’ in bacterial populations. Furthermore, dogs can be given homeopathy, without risk. While the use of veterinary homeopathy can clearly enhance physical appearance and performance, by improving health.

Homeopathic medicines are selected by a homeopathic vet according to their ability to stimulate natural healing processes in the animal patient.

In individual animals, many chronic and refractory diseases can respond to homeopathic treatment, where conventional medication may have failed. Injuries and acute illnesses also respond. In groups, herds or flocks of animals, in-water medication can treat large numbers of animals safely, easily ,cheaply and effectively.

Homeopathy is a gentle yet powerful form of therapy, without side-effects, which can just as easily treat dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, goats, llamas, cattle, pigs, sheep as such sensitive species as birds and cage pets, wholly without risk of side effects.

Conditions frequently treated are: arthritis, lameness, cruciate rupture, chronic diarrhoea, atopy, allergy, autoimmune disorders (auto-immune), periodic ophthalmia (moon blindness, moonblindness, recurrent uveitis, recurrent ophthalmia, ERU), head shaking (headshaking, head-shaking), hip dysplasia, COPD, sweet itch, laminitis, corneal ulcer, elbow dysplasia, RAO, DJD, OCD, bone cysts, pasteurellosis (pasteurella), chlamydia, cryptosporidia, pneumonia, meningitis, mastitis, ringworm, epilepsy, pyoderma, eczema, dermatitis, eosinophilic myositis, eosinophilic granuloma, rodent ulcer, miliary eczema (miliary dermatitis), kidney problems, liver problems (hepatopathy), cystitis.

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