Dermoid cysts

Dermoid cysts are noncancerous cavities under the skin filled with normal tissue present in the outer layer of the skin. This cavity forms a mass that is sometimes visible at or in early infancy.It may not be seen in later years. These dermoid cysts usually found on neck, face, eyelids, and nose or anywhere in the body.Age/sex group affected by Dermoid cysts

Dermoid cysts can affect people of all ages, and both the sexes are equally affected.

Races affected by Dermoid cysts

No racial predilection is apparent.

Causes of Dermoid cysts

•Congenital defect that occurs during embryonic development.
•Trapped structure of skin during fetal development.

Dermoid cysts Signs and Symptoms

•Small cyst
•Painless or painful or inflamed
•Cyst under the outer layer of skin
•Cyst grows and changes in colour
•Cyst moveable under the skin

Investigations for Dermoid cysts

•Complete case history
•Physical examination
•CT and MRI examination

Differential diagnosis of Dermoid cysts

•Metastatic carcinoma of the skin
•Metastatic neoplasm of the oral cavity
•Pilar cyst (Trichilemmal cyst )
•Steatocystoma multiplex

Treatment for Dermoid cysts

•Surgical excision

Prognosis of Dermoid cysts

Its prognosis is good if the early diagnoses can be treated completely with surgical excision, and no further complications lead to complete recovery.

Complications of Dermoid cysts

• Rupture of the spinal dermoid cyst if during surgery can lead to dissemination of fatty droplets in the cerebrospinal fluid.
• Spinal subdural abscesses are a possible complication.
• The intralingual dermoid cyst can lead to deglutition and speech problem.
• It can also transform into malignant melanomas.

Management for Dermoid cysts

•Keep area away from trauma.
•After surgery keeps good care from infection.
•Eliminate caffeine and alcohol.
•Reduce sugar intake.
•Eat food rich in vitamin B.

Homeopathic remedies for Dermoid cysts

Baryta carbonica:
•Cysts, sarcomas, and warts.
•Cysts in the axilla
•Pain in the axillary nodes that are swollen

•Ovarian cyst
•Voluptuous sensation in the genitals

•Tissue swelling with in duration and puncture
•Glands swelling and induration
•Cystic tumours, sebaceous cysts
•Tumors and cancers

Thuja occidentalis:
•Cyst on the wrist
•Coloration mottled or marbled in the extremities.
•Browning on the back of the hands and inner thighs.

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