Bogart-bacall syndrome

Bogart-Bacall syndrome is a voice disorder which is caused by overuse or abuse of vocal cords. It is most often occurs in singers or people who regularly speak outside their normal vocal range.

Age/Sex of Bogart-Bacall syndrome

Both males and females are equally affected by Bogart

Race of Bogart-Bacall syndrome

Individuals of any age can be affected by the bogart-Bacall syndrome.

Causes of Bogart-Bacall syndrome

The major causes of Bogart-Bacall syndrome are –
Speech and communication conditions such as:
Hypopigmentation/Deafness of Tietz Phonation break
Deafness — cataracts — skeletal anomalies
Deafness, genetic, nonsyndromic
Deafness — lymphoedema — leukemia
Noise-Induced Hearing Loss
Hearing Impairment
Congenital deafness
Conductive deafness
Sensorineural deafness
Nerve deafness
Pervasive developmental disorders
Asperger syndrome
Communication disorders

Throat condition which can lead to Bogart-Bacall syndrome are as follows:-
• Larynx cancer
• Hypopharyngeal cancer
• Throat cancer
• Oropharyngeal cancer
• Larynx conditions
• Smokers throat
• Chronic laryngotracheitis
• Oropharyngeal cancer
• Laryngitis
• Achalasia
• Acute pharyngitis
• Chronic pharyngitis
• Vocal cord paralysis
• Vocal cord cyst
• Vocal polyps

low pitchedBogart -Bacall Syndrome Signs and Symptoms

The major symptoms shown by patients with Bogart-Bacall syndrome are as follows:-
• Unnaturally deep or rough voice
• Dysphonia
• Vocal fatigue
Individuals who are most commonly affected are those whole-pitched voices, particularly if they have poor breathe and vocal control

Treatment for Bogart -bacall syndrome

Voice therapy by speech language pathologist is the treatment procedure for bogart-bacall syndrome. Removal of the underlying cause of disease is also helpful in treating the syndrome.

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