Baker cyst (Popliteal Cyst)


A baker cyst is a swelling caused by fluid from the knee joint protruding to the back of the knee.The back of the knee is also referred to as the popliteal area of the knee.A baker cyst is also known as popliteal cyst.When an excess of knee joint fluid is compressed by the body weight between the bones of the knee joint, it can become trapped and separate from the joint to form the fluid–filled sac of a baker cyst.

Causes of Baker cyst

The excess joint fluid (synovial fluid) bulges to the back of the knee to form baker cyst.The most common type of arthritis associated with Baker cysts is osteoarthritis also called degenerative arthritis.It can occur in children with juvenile arthritis of the knee.It can also result from cartilage tears (torn meniscus), rheumatoid arthritis and other knee problems.

Baker cyst Signs and Symptoms

Knee pain and tightness behind the knee especially when knee is extended or fully flexed.
There is a bulge behind the knee which is noticeable on standing.They are soft and minimal tender.
It becomes complicated by spread of fluid down the leg between the muscles of the calf.
Sometime there is swelling of the legs and have mimic phlebitis of the legs.

Investigation for Baker cyst

Baker cysts can be diagnosed by ultrasound, MRI scan, and injection of contrast dye into the knee called an arthrogram.

Treatment for Baker cyst

Baker cyst resolve with aspiration of excess knee fluid.When cartilage tears or other internal knee problem are associated physical therapy can be the best treatment.

Prognosis of Baker cyst

Depending on the cause of the Baker cyst its outlook is generally very good.Those caused by chronic arthritis can be prone to recur.

Complications of Baker cyst

Complications of baker’s cyst occur after surgical interventions.
• As during surgery cyst excision during there can be damage to nerve or blood vessel.
• Postoperative knee cyst excision includes infection, hematoma formation and recurrence of the cyst.

Differential diagnosis of Baker cyst

• Knee joint tumors
• Aneurysm of popliteal artery
• Thrombophlebitis
• Arterial and venous aneurysms
• Adventitial cysts of artery

Homoeopathic treatment for Baker cyst

Benzoic acid

•Well indicated medicine for baker cyst.
•Gouty deposits of joints.
•Pain and swelling in knees.
•Pain and swelling in knees.
•Bunion of great toe.
•Tearing pain in great toe.
•There are cracking sounds in joints on motion.

Calcarea flour

•Well indicated medicine for ganglia or encysted tumors at the back of the wrist and popliteal fossa.
•Gouty enlargements of the joints.
•Chronic synovitis of knee joint.


•Joints are inflamed and painful.
•Pain in knee joints at night.
•There occur white swelling of joints.
•Acrid sweat from feet.
•Well indicated medicine for baker cyst.


•Well indicated medicine for baker cyst.
•Pain in knee,as if tightly bound.
•Pain beneath toes.
•Calves are tense and contracted.
•Loss of power in legs.

Mercurius solubis

•There occur dropsical swelling of legs.
•There is great weakness, heaviness and painful weariness in thighs and legs.
•Well indicated medicine for baker cyst in knees.
•Contraction of legs and cramps in calves of legs.

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