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    The radiation level is very low. During pregnancy if an abnormality is needed to be checked then the belly area is covered by a lead apron. During pregnancy or breast feeding routine screening mammography is not done.

    There are two kinds of mammograms:

    • Screening mammogram: It is done in women having no sign and symptoms, to detect... Read More >>

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    Electrocardiogram / ECG / EKG

    Electrocardiogram helps in measuring:
    • Regularity and rate of heartbeats.
    • Size and position of heart chambers.
    • Any damage to the heart.
    • Effect of medicines.
    • Effect of devices that regulate the heart.

    How the test is done?
    Avoid exercising or drinking cold...

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    EEG (Electroencephalogram) /Brain wave test

    EEG records the brain activity and is of approx 30-45minutes painless procedure.

    Procedure -
    During EEG, the patient is made to lie down on the table and about 20 electrodes in number are attached to the scalp .The patient is made to relax with closed eyes

    A night before the test, patient to wash hair, and avoid applying any oil, spray and... Read More >>

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    Computed tomography (CT) scan/CAT scan/Computed axial tomography scan

    What is it?
    The computed tomography (CT) scan is a non-invasive, painless medical imaging procedure that uses x-ray and digital computer technology to create cross-section images of the body. Image of every part of the body structure such as bone, blood vessels and soft tissues are created at one go. The CT scan is also known with its old name computed axial tomography... Read More >>

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    DEXA Scan /Bone Density Test

    What is it?
    DEXA scan stand for Dual Energy X-ray Absortiomentry. It is the most widely used method to measure bone mineral density (BDM test) test for several conditions. It is a simple, painless radiographic technique to measure bone density and related disorders. DEXA scan beams low dose x-ray from two different sources towards the bone being examined. Two energy... Read More >>